DeSantis Signs New Law Protecting Unborn Babies at 15 Weeks


Florida is the latest state that has enacted a pro-life bill. In a live-streamed ceremony, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Thursday’s Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality Bill into law.

According to the Miami Herald:

House Bill 5 is the most restrictive Florida law passed during the Roe V. Wade era. There are no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape, incest, or human trafficking. The law allows women to still have an abortion even if they are in danger of losing their health or their baby is suffering from a fatal fetal abnormality.

DeSantis stated that he believed all the children deserve an opportunity during the ceremony and added that he was not only giving lip service but actually signing the legislation.

Florida’s law takes effect July 1 and follows Oklahoma’s Tuesday-signed near-total abortion ban. Jerry Wilson, my colleague, noted this in his review of the Oklahoma law.

The bill refocuses the abortion debate in a sharp way. The Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade, relegating abortion to a state-level matter. Conservative states will now be more empowered to pass laws restricting or banning abortion.

DeSantis celebrated Thursday’s signing of the law.

He said, “We are here today in order to defend those who can’t defend themselves.” It is the most important protection for life in this state in a generation.

DeSantis stated that being a parent is a huge responsibility but something he would not trade for the world.

He said, “This is a statement about our values, that all life is important.”

Every person’s life is valuable. Indeed.