Did Nancy Pelosi Buy Stock To Profit Off Joe Biden’s EOs?

Yahoo Finance

Fewer politicians exemplify “rules for thee but not for me” more than Nancy Pelosi. Yes, that’s a matter of opinion. One I’m sure the people working at Facebook who decide if you get to see this post will disagree with. If you look at GetYourHairDidGate alone, where the speaker of the House attacked a struggling small business owner, I feel my opinion is sufficiently validated.

There’s also now the question of Pelosi’s finances. I of course am not making any claims on my own. I’m merely sharing some blurbs from a Yahoo Finance article I found interesting. These are words written by an unbiased financial reporter. Now if YOU read further and wonder how Nancy Pelosi would respond if this involved someone who wasn’t Nancy Pelosi, that’s a decision for YOU to make. I would never tell you to do that.

Speaker of the House and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi purchased 25 call options of Tesla Inc. The purchases could have been done by Pelosi or her husband Paul, who runs a venture capital firm. Tesla shares have risen from $640.34 at the time the calls were purchased to over $890 today. The call options were valued at $1.12 million as of Monday.
Interesting. Totally unrelated, President Biden signed a bunch of executive orders shortly after. EOs that, theoretically, could affect Nancy Pelosi’s (or Mr. Nancy Pelosi’s) finances.

Biden’s push for electric vehicles, which could include lifting the cap on sales, would give buyers tax credits again and is advantageous for Tesla. The president has also suggested a possible cash-for-clunkers program that could incentivize customers for trading in used vehicles towards the purchase of an electric vehicle.
It will now be Nancy Pelosi’s job to push legislation that supports the President’s “clean” energy agenda. Legislation that Nancy Pelosi, allegedly, can make a lot of money from. Much more than a bunch of Reddit bros made off of GameStop stock. At least maybe, allegedly, in theory.

Rhetorical exit question: Does this sound like a conflict of interest to you?

Author : Louder with Crowder