Did You Hear? Omicron Is Over! But My Free Tests Haven’t Arrived Yet..


This is great news for everyone! The omicron variant’s surge in U.S. COVID-19 case numbers has stalled and is quickly falling back to pre-omicron levels.

This chart from Our World in Data clearly shows that the omicron is in its rearview mirror. The number of new COVID cases in the U.S. peaked at 803,000 in January and has since fallen to background noise.

There is more good news: hospitalizations are happening at about 15% less rate than last year, even though Jan. 2022’s peak in new daily cases was almost triple that of Jan. 2021 (which peaked near 252,000). The daily death rate for omicron was 7.64 per million, compared to 10.22 per million a year ago when the delta variant was predominant. These data clearly show that omicron is not as virulent as the delta variant, even though it spreads faster than chlamydia at the CNN company picnic.

You would expect that politicians and the establishment media would shout such great news from the rooftops. However, that will not be the case. Instead, the Left will continue to push their mandates and mask-ups by allowing the lamestream media to hype new cases and extreme outcomes. The COVID public policy on health has become such an effective tool to monitor and harm those who don’t follow the orders, that we will need to take these tools out of Big Left’s cold, voted in hands. You can expect the COVID mandates and burkas to remain in place until they are removed by judges or voters.

It has been obvious for a long time that the current administration is not interested in managing the COVID “crisis”. They are only trying to claim credit for the recovery of the economy from the devastating shutdowns.

Biden was criticized for not having a plan when omicron came on the scene. The Biden Collective gave up and promised everyone that they would mail “free” COVID test kits. It worked as well as any Democrat nationalized health care rollout. Incompetence was the rule of the operation, from the Collective’s inability to create an online order form that is simple and doesn’t involve a lot of snafu to their abject failure delivery of kits that still work when the requester receives them,

Three weeks and 19 days have passed since the 2022 COVID wave peaked, yet I have not received my “free” test kit from the Biden administration. I have not received the notification that my test kits had shipped. It’s a joke. I would laugh except for the multibillion-dollar bill taxpayers are stuck with and the Collective’s flailing attempts to appear like they’re doing anything.

It would have been incredible if the Biden government had capitalized on Trump’s leadership success and established Operation Warp Speed 2 the Cure. COVID infection may have been a non-issue now. Instead, a huge mistake has been made. Multi-billion-dollar contracts were signed by Big Government and Big Pharma before shots or therapeutics had been approved by FDA. COVID, with its mendacious mandates as well as the drug and PE manufacturers, will be remembered for being one of the worst examples of cronies ever saddling up to the biggest trough in the world.