Disney Drunk The Gender Cult Kool-Aid and Confirmation Comes From Leaked Internal Zoom


The Florida law banning creepy adults from talking to children about sexuality has provoked a lot of anger from the LGBTQWTF Gendergeddon Cult members and corporate partners. Instead, they are throwing temper tantrums. Disney called an intracompany meeting to calm their panic. They assured staff that they will continue to make queer Disney content.

This meeting was posted on Twitter. It’s all available for you to view, along with my commentary in the video below.

Get woken up, and you’ll go broke. I don’t think I will jump at Disney’s queer-centered programming. “The exposure LGBTQ etc. Thorne wrote, that parents are refusing criminal endangerment or even Democrats for the sake of their children’s well-being.”

Ron DeSantis created this amazing ad. “I don’t care what corporate media outlets have said or have to say.

Disney, which was founded on Florida families and children, has increased its threat to flood its content in “queerness” for children. They think we will pay to see gay marriage in Disney films. Mickey! That’s a big gamble. Let’s ban children’s films featuring gay kissing. ”

It was just too much to write, so I found this video telling all about it. I was left asking if Disney allows LGBTQWTF employees to work there.

Do not be afraid! It’s not something anyone wants to see, so stop worrying. There are many gay people who have large platforms like Arielle Scarcella or Dave Rubin that don’t believe this. They are joining hands with us to shout STOP sexualizing our children, dammit!