DNC Using BLM To Funnel Funds???

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Turns out that financial contributions to the Black Lives Matter movement, including millions from large corporations are being funneled to the DNC and Biden campaign.

So Democrats are as usual exploiting the black community for financial and electoral gain.

Via Conservative Treehouse:

This means donations to Black Lives Matter are actually the primary funding mechanism for Joe Biden 2020; and that explains why national democrats (Pelosi) and the DNC have changed their position on BLM as an activist organization, and now embrace them openly.

The financial arrangement also further solidifies the purpose for BLM (Obama/Holder) to align with the AME Church network (Clyburn, Sharpton, et al) which facilitates the DNC agenda (Biden, Perez, et al).

TRENDING: Financial Contributions to Black Lives Matter are Being Funneled to the DNC and the Biden Campaign

The 2020 financial problem that was being faced by the Democrat National Committee was solved through the use of Black Lives Matter as a funding mechanism for the 2020 election. The more money the resistance movement can push into their BLM advocacy, the more money that actually flows into the DNC for 2020.

As of May 21st, ActBlue has donated $119,253,857 to the “Biden for President” effort.

It’s a smart workaround and provides a back-door for all of the Hollywood and social influence crowd to use. By supporting donations to Black Lives Matter, the leftist movement writ large is essentially funding the DNC. The BLM movement is simply a vessel for them to use and exploit.

Keep in mind you are now hearing of multi-million donations to Black Lives Matter from corporations. Any corporation that pays into this scheme is actually paying to fund Joe Biden 2020 and the Democrats. Now all of those “donations” make sense.

The scale of the DNC effort to enhance national antagonism based on race now makes much more sense. The Democrats are exploiting activism and outrage in order to fund their national political campaigns; and it’s likely the average donor has no idea.

Now the reasons why Democrats are pushing BLM and racism makes a lot of sense.

It’s not about black lives, or racism at all, it’s simply another back door way to illicitly raise cash.

Once again the Democrats are engaged in doing everything they can to steal the upcoming elections and defeat President Trump and the American people.

Author: Steve Straub

Source : The Federa List Papers : Financial Contributions to Black Lives Matter are Being Funneled to the DNC and the Biden Campaign