Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Thinks We Should Be Teleporting With VR Instead Of Commuting


In a recent discussion on the popular Clubhouse app, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg focused on his company’s progress in the world of Virtual Reality, stating “we should be teleporting, not transporting,” and that VR could allow workers to meet virtually rather than travel to offices.

The Daily Mail reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared on the invite-only Clubhouse app recently where he discussed the social media giant’s progress in the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Facebook is the owner of the popular Oculus VR company which has been a pioneer in the mainstream VR device world.

Facebook develops its VR and AR tech under its Reality Labs division. Zuckerberg stated during the Clubhouse meeting that “we should be teleporting, not transporting,” and believes that VR is the way forward to allow people to experience new places and things without leaving their homes.

One of the things that [VR] will unlock is the ability to live anywhere you want and be present in another place and really feel like you are there,” Zuckerberg said. He added that VR could provide a new level of workplace interaction as more people are working from home amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Zuckerberg stated: “It is going to unlock a lot of economic opportunity because people will be able to live where they want and increasingly work where they want and kind of teleport into place.” He added: “I am also pretty optimistic about the impact on climate, in reducing the amount of commuting that people have to do.”

Discussing electric vehicles, Zuckerberg said: “I think the advance in electric cars in reducing emissions is great and exciting, but I tell my team that it is easier to move bits of atoms around so we should be teleporting, not driving.”