Famous Tennis Star Suspiciously Quiet After Sexual Assault Allegations


The notoriously corrupt International Olympic Committee, (IOC), claims we should stop worrying about Peng Shuai’s health.

Sunday’s claim by the ICO that Shuai was safe at home in Beijing, and to request privacy following the sexual-assault accusations, which Shuai did not address, was made by the ICO.

At the request of the IOC, a 30-minute video conference was set up by the Chinese Olympic Committee. This call would mark Peng’s first contact with officials from outside China since her disappearance nearly three weeks ago.

She said that she is well and safe at home in Beijing but would prefer to keep her privacy. She prefers to spend time with her family and friends right now.

Steve Simon, Women’s Tennis Association CEO, continues to demonstrate how to be moral to other top sports organizations such as NBA.

“I was happy to see the videos that China state-run media released, which appear to show Peng Shuai in a Beijing restaurant. It is encouraging to see her but it is not clear if she is able to make decisions and act on her own without external interference.” Simon stated that this video is not enough. The allegation that Peng Shuai was sexually assaulted is being censored.

Simon puts safety first over future tournaments’ Chinese funding. He is making enemies with poor people while earning respect from the majority who value freedom and communist money. This could be a lesson for some noxious athletes, but they won’t learn from this.

CNN seems to have an exclusive scoop. The network noted Monday, that China continues to block any coverage of Shuai’s disappearance.