Fauci Gets His Own Collegiate Science Complex


Are you are feeling down because Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn’t gotten any glory. I have news to make you feel better. Massachusetts will be awestruck at the Anthony S. Fauci Integrated Science Complex on June 11th.

Fauci was chosen as the moniker because he is a major in classical. He has also led the nation’s response to nearly 40 years of health crises. However, it’s probably because he’s an alumnus of the private Jesuit-Catholic school.

Vincent D. Rougeau, Holy Cross President: “Dr. Fauci embodies everything that is good about Holy Cross education. We are proud to say that his life and work have inspired the next generation.

President Vincent believes it appropriate to pay tribute to Dr. Fauci is engraved in a complex to foster integrated education across many academic disciplines – this is the kind of broad and collaborative thinking that is required to manage crises like HIV/AIDS or Ebola.

It’s not an easy climb, but it’s certainly a step up from the surface. This honor comes as lawmakers and the public scrutinize Fauci’s handling of the COVID pandemic.

Rand Paul, a Republican Senator from Texas, introduced an amendment to remove Fauci’s position as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It makes the job easier by dividing it into three national research centers.

This montage shows some of his lesser-known leadership qualities.

Flip-flops aside. The highest-paid federal employee in America is the medicine man.

Hollywood stars seem to get along well with the healer.

There might be one complaint about the renaming of the science center. Fauci seems like he thinks he is Science.

He said that MSNBC “a lot” of its attacks on him are attacks upon science …”

This could indicate redundancy.

Dr. Fauci deserves credit for his eponymous The Science Science Complex.

Will the student be back on camera after the midterms?

America is still waiting with bated breath, fabric-obstructed breathing, and a lack of oxygen.