Federal Vaccine Mandate Changes


Although details are scarce, Presidentish Joe Biden is said to have suspended his mandate for federal workers to get vaccines.

A memo from the Biden administration states that the White House’s Office of Management and Budget told federal agencies to wait until after the holidays before suspending or firing federal employees for not following the vaccine mandate.

This is a major caveat for an administration whose anti-COVID efforts are almost entirely focused on the vaccine mandate.

According to one report, further lockdowns are in place. People are tired of travel restrictions and social distancing. It’s not an exaggeration at all to say that “Which celebrity isn’t wearing a mask today?” is America’s most popular gossip topic.

This leaves him with the mandate. The mandate is still there for public perception.

It looks as though Biden’s temporary suspension may be permanent.

Federal workers are required to receive at least one dose. However, 92% have received at minimum one dose. It’s not known how many federal employees will be fully dosed according to Biden’s mandate. It is not known how many people refuse to take both shots or how many received one shot and then decided “Enough!”

Only 60% of Americans have been fully vaccinated. The same percentage applies to federal workers. That’s four out of ten who fail to meet Biden’s mandate.

If 8% of federal employees were fired or suspended, the government would struggle to function. If it turned out to be 40 percent, the entire thing would go down.

It’s difficult to predict how many federal workers will resist the mandate growing. It’s safe to say that there are “more.”

All of this being said, can Biden really restore his mandate as soon as the holiday season is over?

Why should the mandate be given to ordinary Americans if federal workers aren’t able to be mandated?

Which would be worse politically: To ignore the mandate and look foolish, or to push on in the face of growing resistance?

These are the questions that must be troubling the West Wing, especially since Biden’s approval ratings are further under than the USS Indianapolis.

No matter what answer they choose, one thing is certain: Mandates could bring the country to a halt that we can’t afford. And now that Biden has let one crack in his COVID dam open, there will be many more.

This memo boasts, agency by agency, what percentage of federal employees have been vaccinated. It’s only one dose and not two.

I wonder if they even know how many federal employees are fully vaccinated with both vaccines. Maybe they do, and they are sticking with the single-dose numbers.