GOP Candidate Kim Klacik Drops Sequel To Viral Ad, Presents ‘Vision For Baltimore’

Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images

Kim Klacik, a former Republican strategist and the Republican congressional nominee for Maryland’s 7th district, released a campaign ad Sunday as a follow-up to her massively viral campaign video this summer in which she walked around Baltimore hammering the city’s Democratic leadership and pointing to problems plaguing the city.

In the original ad (shown below), Klacik walked around the city drawing attention to its crumbling infrastructure and other problems, remarking at the end of the video that “black people don’t have to vote Democrat.”

In the newest edition of the ad, Klacik again walks around the city, but this time she presents solutions to the problems of lingering garbage, dilapidated and abandoned houses, and a failing education system, saying: “I walk the streets of Baltimore and see what could be. I want you to see what I see.” As she presents the solutions, the city begins to gradually show improvements.

To fix the garbage problem, Klacik proposes giving more resources to the solid waste bureau; to address the broken-down houses, she supports providing tax credits and incentives for fixing them; to address the failing school system, Klacik proposes that providing school choice can help end the “school to prison pipeline.”

That’s my vision for Baltimore. The corrupt leaders hate it. They attack me for taking a stand. For wanting better for our people, our children, our communities. But I’m not the only one who wants better,” said Klacik, adding: “Tens of millions of you have shared the struggle of black people in Baltimore. You lifted our voices, you cared about our black lives more than our own Democrat leaders. They have done nothing for us. Now they can’t hide. It’s time for change. We are that change.”

While continuing to walk around the city, Klacik is gradually joined by a number of women wearing red clothing. As the ad nears the end, and the group of women reaches its largest size yet, Klacik delivers her final words: “All black lives matter. Our communities matter. We matter. And Baltimore doesn’t have to vote Democrat.”


The Maryland 7th Congressional district, which has been held by Democrats since the seat was created in 1953, encompasses half of Baltimore and parts of Baltimore County. The seat was previously held by Congressman Elijaah Cummings, who died last October.

Author : Eric Quintanar

Source : Daily Wire : GOP Candidate Kim Klacik Drops Sequel To Viral Ad, Presents ‘Vision For Baltimore’