Gov. Cuomo Mocked For Making A 10 Months Late COVID Decision

Source: Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP

Well this ought to do it. Despite holding in-person press conferences for months, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo now says that he’s putting a swift end to them because it could be potentially dangerous to host them during the coronavirus pandemic. His team reportedly came to that conclusion following new guidance from the CDC.

Since the beginning, we’ve talked about the important role the media has played in educating the public about this pandemic and hand in hand we worked with the Legislative Correspondents Association to decrease room density, put protections in place and ensure that ever-evolving health and safety protocols were being followed,” Cuomo senior adviser Rich Azzopardi told The New York Post.

“Given the new stricter CDC guidelines released Friday and the reality of rising cases in New York, going remote is now the most prudent action,” he added. “We are making every effort to protect public health and balance it with the need for reporters across the state to continue to have access and to do their jobs.”

It’s just as well. Cuomo’s press conferences were often combative, as he chose to sarcastically spar with reporters in the room rather than answer their questions. He will reportedly be switching to virtual press conferences.

What’s ironic is that it was Cuomo’s press conferences that earned him an Emmy.

Author : Cortney O’Brien

Source : Town Hall : Gov. Cuomo Mocked for Making a 10 Months Late COVID Decision