Guess Who is A Genius Turning Florida from Mainly Red to Majority Blue State?


In Gov. Ron Desantis’ Florida,  registered Republicans outnumber Democrats — for the first-ever time — by six digits. It’s one thing just to see the polls, they are certainly very impressive.

DeSantis defeats Charlie Crist, former governor of the state, by 49.2% to 32.8%. 18% remain undecided. DeSantis also beat Annette Taddeo, Florida’s state senator 48.6% to 29,6%, with 21.8% undecided. DeSantis also scored a poll approval rating of 58.8%.

It is very simple to tell a pollster that you approve of the governor, who avoided most COVID madness and signed popular legislation to prohibit grown adults from having sex with second-graders. It is quite another and more difficult to register to vote for a party or change your lifelong party affiliation. This is exactly what Ron DeSantis’ Florida residents are doing — in numbers too large to ignore.

The party’s lead has grown since last year when it won for the first time. A surge in GOP registrations in March has helped to widen that gap. Fox News spoke with a spokesperson for DeSantis, who said that Republicans have an advantage of more than 101,000 voters due to the increase in GOP registrations.

In 2019, Democrats led 255,000 when DeSantis was first elected. This is a huge swing. In just 29 months, Republican registrations outnumbered Democrats by more than 350,000.

This could be a first.  The GOP is not the only beneficiary of this news. Some of it is bad for Democrats.

Despite Florida’s huge population growth, the number of registered Dems actually fell to 5,080.697 last year from 5,315,954. I would add that 2021 was also the year when COVID fever finally broke out across the country and when the majority of the country couldn’t deny President Joe Biden’s incompetence, incoherence.

The man at the top was Florida GOP and Florida’s executive branch must be credited as well. Florida has been transformed by DeSantis into a safe haven for conservative values. This was especially true during the COVID hysteria and now, with the pro-grooming madness that has taken control of everything from elementary schools all the way to the huge Walt Disney Company.

DeSantis is a highly-effective combination of two Republican leaders, with minor missteps that I don’t remember a single one.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the first. Walker was a genius at pursuing corrupt financial links to Leftist power during his two terms. It is a shame that he did not have the same killer instinct to win party primaries during his 2016 presidential campaign.

One is ex-President Donald Trump, who was a tireless fighter for freedom and energy. He left a legacy that will be remembered by every GOP candidate who has followed his example.

Trump’s fatal flaw, 2020 election shenanigans aside — was his sometimes… questionable taste in hiring workers and taking celebrity medical spokesmodel Anthony Fauci at his words in the early weeks of the pandemic.

Imagine an election year that is free from disruptions to supply chains, shutdowns, massive unemployment, new debt, and the like.

Second thought: It’s too painful. So far, DeSantis has been far more disciplined than Trump. The combination of Trumpian guts with Walker-like long-range planning by DeSantis has created a trickle effect for Florida Republicans.

The once swing state is now firmly red with all but one of the statewide offices in GOP hands. The DeSantis effect has been so strong that it’s trickled down to the state’s citizens, where Dem support has plummeted while GOP support is on the rise.

I can’t say for certain what DeSantis plans are for the national office, or whether Trump will try to make the Mother of All Comebacks.

However, “Make America Florida” would be a great campaign slogan for 2024 and 2028.