GWU President Sides With Chinese Communist Party And Faces Backlash


Students in China expressed concern about images on the George Washington University campus.

The Spectator World claims the posters depict Winter Olympic sport while exposing crimes in China. A competitor rides a camera, not a snowboard.

The GW Chinese Students and Scholars Association claimed that the images were an attack on the Chinese nation. They had “serious racism views” and were personal attacks against all international students. ” ”

These student groups are often used by the Chinese government to spy on students and keep them quiet.

Mark S. Wrighton was stunned. He is the President of George Washington University.

Wrighton’s problem is that the images were intended to protest Badiucao, a well-known Chinese dissident.

These posters show Winter Olympic sports, but also expose China’s crimes. A figure-skating blade drips blood; a biathlete points his rifle at an Ughur prisoner’s head, and a competitor rides on a CCTV camera.

However, not everyone was on the same page.

National Review interviewed Badiucao over the incident. He stated that it was “huge, shameful, and a shame” George Washington University President George Washington University could have been “personally offended by the cartoons.”

Although his series isn’t complex and requires a deep understanding of the subject, it can be understood quickly.

It is not surprising that the president of a major liberal college would react negatively to art. One prime example is art depicting the Chinese Communists imperfectly.

Wrighton had difficulty scaling down the ledge. He admitted that he made mistakes

Do not underestimate the stupidity and incompetence of radical-left educators.