Hardly Anyone Shows Up To Biden’s Delaware Farewell Festivities

Wayne Dupree

It’s hard to believe that a man who won the most votes in our nation’s history can’t draw decent-sized crowds.

He couldn’t draw respectable crowds when he was running, and he can’t draw them now after he was “declared” the winner.

That’s odd. You’d think a man who won 15+ million more votes than Barack Obama would have overflowing crowds, right?

Sure, Team Biden and the media will tell you the reason why nobody “appears” to support Joe is because of COVID.


So, let me get this straight — Dems supported George Floyd for three months during peak COVID with no problem, but they couldn’t do the same for Biden?

They only got “scared” of COVID during non-BLM activities?

Hmmm. I don’t know if I buy that line of thinking…

And that’s why many are questioning once again the small crowd Biden drew for his big “farewell hometown” ceremony.

I checked around online and didn’t see the usual “it was a private event” excuse that they use – but that’s not the point is it?

Where are the crowds of people gathered in the streets with signs, or the tons of adoring supporters lining up just outside of where the speech is being delivered, cheering on their guy?

Like this scene of a trump motorcade in Florida – his ‘hometown’…where are those types of people?

Those are the people we’re looking to see, and we never ever find them.


At the very least, you’d think the people in his hometown who love and adore him most would come out in droves to say goodbye, right? To catch a glimpse of this “historic man” and say one final farewell? After all, the event was held outside, and masks save lives, so why not?

Yes, “why not” is indeed the question many people are asking after seeing these pics of Biden’s “farewell ceremony.”

Take a look:

For a man who won with this many “HISTORIC” votes, it’s truly shocking that we don’t see more support, COVID or not.

Author : Missy Crane

Source : Wayne Dupree : Hardly Anyone Shows Up to Biden’s “Delaware Farewell” Festivities