Here Are 10 Of The Wild Conspiracy Theories The Left And Media Have Tarred Trump With


The “deranged” Russian spy in the White House told the Ukraine president to drink Clorox and refuses to leave his “illegal” office until every blue mailbox filled with secret messages to “very fine” white supremacists in Prague is removed by incontinent hookers…

and other whoppers the media trolled Donald Trump with for the past four-plus years. Speaking of trolls, so-called “fact” checkers are advised that this is satire. That is “protected speech.” Look it up.

The Left and their media wingmen have decided that after four years of believing Russian Facebook ads interfered with the 2016 election, that it’s absolutely a “deranged conspiracy theory” for the president to question the odd results of the 2020 election and the way they were produced. If the shoe had been on the other foot, the media’s candidate, Joe Biden, would be lauded for his patriotism and fortitude between his ever-diminishing bouts of clarity.

When the media turned on the big-talking and sometimes bellicose New Yorker (see Andrew Cuomo) and began reporting that he was a suspected Russian secret agent, Trump flipped it right back, dismissing them as Fake News. They rewarded the big-talking candidate with – what do they like to say now? – oh, yes, giving agency to some of the biggest whoppers ever conceived of by reporters and their buddies over at the Lincoln Project, Hillary Clinton’s rumor-factory, and the DNC.

Let’s take a rambling trip down the memory lane of the Steele Dossier fever dreams, “highly placed sources,” and Rick Wilson’s fantasies, shall we? These are the 10 Biggest Conspiracy Theories leveled against Trump. These are not in any particular order.

1. Trump Is a Russian Spy

Vladimir Putin cultivated, “supported and directed” Donald Trump years before he thought about running for the presidency. CNN kept this fiction going long after the IG’s report proved it’s a whopper.

This was the Russian hoax put forward, as we later found out, by Hillary Clinton using Russians to trump up oppo research and call it a “dossier.” The “Steele Dossier” was a series of memos told by a guy who later admitted it was drunken bar talk and sold to the media as evidence of kompromat to the gullible and unthinking Adam Schiff

2. Trump ‘Colluded’ With the Russians To Win Trump the White House

Congressman Adam Schiff promised he had “evidence” of Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians to “intervene” in a “very close election” to propel President Trump to the White House. These claims were amplified by media, willing to believe that Trump threw the 2016 election, but unwilling to entertain the allegations of foreign interference in the 2020 election.

3.Trump Was Not Legally Elected and He Never Plans to Leave

Before the president took office, anti- and Never Trumpers declared themselves to be “The Resistance.” House Judiciary Committee member, New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, said that Trump was not a legal president and helped draw up impeachment articles before he was sworn in. Dozens of Democrats in the House boycotted his inauguration. And in 2019 Hillary Clinton proclaimed Trump an “illegitimate president.” So much for that whole peaceful transfer of power thing. The New Yorker fanned the flames of the Resistance by announcing that the president was initiating a coup and wouldn’t leave office for at least three terms.

4. Trump Told Putin to ‘Hack’ Hillary’s Email to Win the Election

Candidate Trump in July of 2016 joked in a news conference, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 [Hillary Clinton] emails that are missing.” It was a rueful joke because the Secretary of State’s 33,000 emails, sought by the House Select Committee on Benghazi, on her personal server had been destroyed by her and her staff. Although Hillary’s email destruction gambit is often conflated with the DNC hack they are not the same thing. The hack of the Democratic National Committee’s emails, which were splayed on the web supposedly by Wikileaks, was allegedly done by Russian “GRU officers” via phishing emails. In fact, a declassified leak of a handwritten memo by then-CIA chief John Brennan revealed that it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that began the Trump-is-a-Russian-spy story to draw attention away from her email scandal. See number one.

5. Donald Trump Paid Hookers to Urinate on a Bed Because … Obama

This was another Steele whopper. His “source” must have been really drunk by this time. The story was leaked to the press that Trump hired hookers to come to an FSB-controlled hotel to deliver golden showers on a hotel bed in Moscow solely because the Obamas had slept in it. The hotel had been known to have “microphones and concealed cameras.” Strangely, those wired rooms never produced any compromising photos or recordings. Yet, this was the part of the Hillary Clinton opposition research that then-FBI Director James Comey briefed Trump about. The briefing, believed leaked to CNN, gave them a reason to report on the ridiculous dossier.

6. Trump Sent His Attorney to Prague to Meet With Kremlin Officials

This meeting did not occur. Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, had never been to Prague. This matters because it was one of the few things the media could have confirmed about the Steele “dossier,” but never did.

7. Trump Called White Supremacists ‘Very Fine People’

Never underestimate the media’s penchant for believing anything negative about President Trump. President Trump never called the Charlottesville neo-Nazis marching in the streets “very fine people.” He was referring to both sides arguing over the issue of getting rid of Confederate-era statues. Here’s the quote from a USA Today “fact” check.

Excuse me, excuse me. They didn’t put themselves — and you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. […] You’re changing history. You’re changing culture. And you had people — and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.” (emphasis added)

Joe Biden claimed that this statement, which never occurred, prompted him to run for president. President Trump has routinely denounced white supremacy and racists because the media continually ask him to, believing this conspiracy theory (see Chris Wallace).

8. Trump Told People to Drink Bleach to Get Rid of Coronavirus

No, he didn’t. When Trump was holding a near-daily coronavirus news conference last July, there was discussion of out-of-the-box use of “ultraviolet or just powerful light” in therapies. Then he said and “then I see disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.”

That was taken and turned into Trump tells people to drink bleach. He didn’t

9. Trump Initiatives Had Nothing To Do With COVID Vaccines

After the mega-pharmaceutical company Pfizer was the first one out of the blocks with a COVID-19 vaccine, several reporters tried to say that its efforts had nothing to do with the Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed efforts. In fact, as I reported for PJMedia, Pfizer received $2.5 billion to speed its vaccine, whenever it happened, to the market place. The media eventually had to eat their words.

10. Trump Was Not Spied On And He’s Crazy for Thinking So

When Trump tweeted that his phones at Trump Tower had been “tapped,” the media and the Resistance laughed. still claims that there was “no evidence” that Trump’s phones had been tapped or that President Obama knew about it. Fact-checkers and people like Max Boot hung up on the word “tapped,” but Trump meant “spying.” He was right. After a meeting with then-NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers, Trump moved his entire operation to his Bedford, New Jersey golf club.

In fact, the January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting with Obama, Joe Biden, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is one verified meeting where they talked about the surveillance program on the Trump campaign. This is the meeting in which Biden brought up using the Logan Act to go after General Flynn.

Against this backdrop, Democrats and the Resistance were leaking reports of Trump’s own cabinet becoming alarmed enough to want to invoke the 25th Amendment. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested getting cabinet members to wear a wire to catch Trump being irrational so the 25th Amendment could be invoked after the president fired treacherous FBI Director James Comey. Rosenstein later said it was all a joke. He wasn’t laughing when the president fired him later.

Trump’s campaign manager was under surveillance. His National Security Adviser, General Mike Flynn was spied on, the Steele Dossier (see #1,2,4,5) was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on other levels of the Trump campaign. Attorney General Barr called that “spying.” But sure,, that’s not “spying.”

And for a bonus. Trump did not start the birther movement, you can thank Hillary Clinton’s campaign for picking it up from a local Illinois politico and fanning those flames. Trump got involved years later after the Daily Kos posted a short-form birth certificate and Trump wanted to see the long-form one.

It’s shocking, isn’t it? All of these smears and more. It’s enough to make a guy wonder what else the Resistance would do to an election.

Author : Victoria Taft

Source : Pj Media : Here Are Just 10 of the Wild Conspiracy Theories the Left (and Media) Have Tarred Trump With for More Than 4 Years