Herschel Quotes Bible ‘Why Are We Penalizing People For Ancestors Actions’

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Former NFL running back Herschel Walker once again shared his thoughts on Twitter.

On Thursday, Walker said that he was reading the Bible, and he quoted a verse from the book of Matthew talking about forgiveness.

“I was reading the greatest book ever written, the Bible, and I read ‘But if you don’t forgive others, your Father will not forgive your offenses.’ – Matthew 6:15,” Walker wrote.

Walker added: “Why are we penalizing people for what their ancestors did? Forgiveness doesn’t mean you get something in return.”

Walker, who played 12 years in the NFL, has made headlines recently by sharing his opinions on the social media site. Recently, he offered to work with airlines to send people who want to defund the police to countries without them.

“I have an idea… For all these people who don’t want any police, I’d love to meet with American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest and make a deal to fly them to countries that don’t have police. I want them to be happy!” Walker wrote.

Walker, a known supporter of Trump, also criticized the media for encouraging the racial divide in the country, and he said that the people who were damaging property and looting during the nationwide protests were “criminals.” At the time, Walker suggested that “peaceful protest must be from 9-to-5.”

“It’s enough,” Walker said. “It’s time for us to come together.”

Author : Daniel Canova

Source : Fox News : Herschel Walker quotes Bible verse, ‘Why are we penalizing people for what their ancestors did?’