Home Of Rep. Nancy Mace Targeted With Antifa Graffiti On Memorial Day

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The home of South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace was vandalized on Monday, the freshman Republican announced on Twitter.

Mace posted images of the graffiti on Tuesday morning, which show messages such as “f*** you Nancy” and “all politicians are b*******” spray-painted on the street, sidewalk, and front steps outside of her home.

The phrase “no gods, no masters” was also painted outside her home, and the message “pass the PRO Act” was painted on the home itself, a reference to House-passed legislation that would strengthen labor unionization.

“In the early morning hours of Memorial Day, my home, where I’m raising my two children, was vandalized with Antifa symbols and profanity,” Mace wrote. “Although my kids and I are thankfully fine, these criminal acts are unacceptable no matter your politics.”

“We should all be able to feel safe in our own homes, regardless of our political beliefs,” Mace said, adding that this incident is the second time she has been a target of vandalism.

Mace then urged people to reflect on how what they say and do affects others.

“There is a significant difference between nonviolent protests and criminal acts of intimidation and vandalism,”
she said.

Author : Jeremy Beaman

Source : Washington Examiner : Home of Rep. Nancy Mace targeted with graffiti