House Reps Introduce Resolution To Condemn Court-Packing Proposals From Democrats


Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee introduced a resolution condemning those who have called for Joe Biden to pack the Supreme Court if President Trump replaces Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Republicans argued that Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler was wrong to call on Biden to pack the courts if Ginsburg’s seat is filled by Trump. They noted that there have been just nine justices on the Supreme Court for 151 years and that Ginsburg herself was opposed to adding justices.

“Any attempt to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court of the United States or ‘pack the court‘ would undermine our democratic institutions and destroy the credibility of our nation’s highest court,” the resolution states.

Democrats have floated several strategies to stop Trump from replacing Ginsburg. Nadler called for future Democratic senators to “immediately move to expand the court,” while Speaker Nancy Pelosi considered impeaching Trump again to bog down the Senate so it may not have time to confirm the new justice.

It is unlikely that the resolution from Judiciary Committee Republicans will receive a vote, as they are in the minority. Trump will announce his nominee on Saturday.

Author : Madison Dibble

Source : Washington Examiner : House Republicans introduce resolution to condemn court-packing proposals from Democrats