House Sells for a Near-Million Dollars, Comes With a Stranger in Basement Who Refuses to Leave


You have to be able to buy something when the going’s good in this insane housing market. Perhaps that’s why Fairfax, Virginia sold its home despite an unusual quirk that could have been fatal to the transaction.

According to NBC News, the 3,500-square-foot, five-bedroom, four-bath home was constructed in 1964.

After 3 years it was sold for $319,000.

It was sold for $805,000 on April 15, 2015.

Five more cash offers were made after the deed was completed.

The best thing about this house is that it comes with someone who has lived in it.

In the basement, a stranger.’s “Home Details” sound a lot better than it actually is. It’s sort of strange:

This is a great opportunity to buy in Mantua Large, spacious colonial on cul de sac street. Large kitchen with access to the deck — renovated years ago with 42-inch cabinets and Formica countertops. Some windows are original, others have rotted. Replacement would be required for the sliding door that leads to the family room. The dishwasher is not working. The powder room toilet is not working. It leaks from the lower level. The deck supports look in good condition, but not according to today’s code. Upper decking boards appear to be in poor condition. The lower level has a walkout basement that includes a legal bedroom, full bathroom, storage, and large living space. The paint is in excellent condition throughout. A total cost estimate for replacing existing carpet on the main level (bedrooms at [upper level] have hardwood floors), improving deck surface, replacing sliding doors, fixing wood rot around windows, painting exterior trim, and replacing three toilets and one light was around $25K

In short, “Home is livable, but it needs some TLC.”


CASH ONLY – NO ACCESS. Home sold AS-IS with the acknowledgment that the home will be transferred with a person or persons living on lower levels with no lease.


The listing was shared on the Zillow Gone Wild Instagram account. It received 35,000 likes.

Is the basement haunted?” It feels like the basement has been haunted.

Really think about it, “800k for five bedrooms, four baths, and your own serial killer”.

One user saw the positive side of things:

It’s almost like buying a house and then getting a person free of charge.

Who would ever sell a house if a human being was still inside?

The New York Post provided insight into a piece that was written before any contract was signed.

Zinta Rodger-Rickert, RE/MAX Gateway’s listing agent, said that this was the case of a squatter refusing to leave and taking advantage of an older, sick man.

Rodger-Rickert stated that three years ago, “a woman cleaned the senior owner’s home and convinced him she needed somewhere to stay. He offered her the basement but she refused to leave. She doesn’t pay rent”.

It is basically an individual who takes advantage of a senior that is currently in the hospital. Rodger-Rickert said that he will most likely end up in hospice.

The roommate who is a complimentary guest refuses to leave:

[Seller Thomas Burke] is now 79 years old and does not have a will. Rodger-Rickert said that the family hopes to sell his home before he dies. They don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer for the squatter’s expulsion.

Is that enough to entice your wallet to three-quarters of a million-plus?

Here’s more:

Virginia law says that it is illegal to shut off utilities for a person or deprive them of access until a court order has been issued.

Rodger-Rickert said, “We hope the next owner will be willing to deal with this process.”

Sounds like a dream deal.

Three days after it was listed, the home was sold. That is absolutely insane, who would buy a property with a stranger in the. basement? Not me, but I guess the itch is on when there is slim pickings in the housing market.