How Biden Plans to Fight Inflation?


1974 was a time of severe economic distress in the United States. Gerald Ford was elected Vice-President. Inflation reached 12% after a 300% increase in oil prices.

A plan was presented to President Ford. “Whip inflation now” (or the WIN program), which encouraged savings, disciplined spending, and public measures like raising interest rates, was presented to President Ford.

It became a Washington joke in just one month. It is the worst PR strategy that the White House has ever used.

Vice President Gerald Ford attempted to portray inflation as a problem of public relations rather than an interconnected problem in psychology or economics. Ford laughed at some of his suggestions, including carpooling and vegetable gardens.

Joe Biden wants to try a PR experiment. Biden claims fighting climate change will lower inflation and put $500 in the pockets of middle-class American households.

Bloomberg – President Joe Biden will call on Congress to revive the stagnant climate legislation in Tuesday’s State of the Union speech. Biden plans to present a package that includes climate spending, and tax credit as a way of fighting inflation and saving the average American family 500 USD per year.

Biden’s approval ratings are rapidly declining. Voters are becoming increasingly dissatisfied by spiraling inflation.

Senior administration officials said that Biden would not present a new legislative vision. Biden will instead refer to fighting climate change through the promotion of middle-class finances.

Allahpundit was gracious enough to deliver the knockout punch.

Let’s look at that logic. The US will continue to see an increase in inflation due to the climate change package.

Americans are aware that Biden could promote oil production in the USA and better use Canada’s surplus. However, Biden has chosen to promote the progressive agenda.

Joe Biden can sometimes feel uncomfortable in his role as chief executive of woke. Biden, a young senator representing the Whip Inflation Campaign, is well aware of the dangers that come with framing a topic like inflation as something it’s actually not.

Biden will appeal to the fervent, frowning Democratic Party Base fanatics, but the Democratic agenda is neutral.