How to Replicate the Success GOP Had With ‘Okay Groomers’


In response to the arguments against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, there was a debate about “Okay, Groomer”. It shined a light on the GOP’s old guard, the Republican Party, which wanted to fight culture wars by using an imaginary set of Marquess of Queensberry rules as if their political opponents were truly interested in exchanging ideas. They may have missed the casual use by Democrats of racism, sexism, and homophobia to describe Republicans.

Maybe they think that going on MSNBC or CNN offering a mea-culpa to the coarser members of the Republican Party somehow preserves one’s dignity. It is impossible to be more truthful. It is time to play by the rules. “Okay Groomer” is only the beginning. The GOP must take language seriously and find new ways to describe the ideology and radical left in colorful and easily understood terms.

It is almost impossible to take down the slogans or terms you choose. In its rebuttal of “Okay, Groomer”, the Left implied that all Florida law supporters viewed teachers as pedophiles. This was too much. This term caused enough discussion that it was clear that the Right was accusing teachers of using a curriculum that involved radical gender or sexual ideology for political and ideological grooming with young children.

This content is designed to make young children accept any sexual identity or behavior of another person and discredit their parents’ worldview and values. They are encouraged to swim in Lake Me and drown as they grow older, which makes their identity somewhat unstable. From an early age, they are taught that social roles and fundamental principles can change. Anyone who spends more than ten minutes looking at the issue will understand the facts. However, they strongly disagree with the radical left.

The GOP must replicate this success. It is difficult to pick from the many examples of disastrous policies in the Biden administration’s policy portfolio. Some intelligent people have some brilliant ideas that the GOP could use. Recent examples of two great ideas have been presented that could make a difference immediately.

Michael Shellenberger, a California governor-elect candidate, was the first to make that claim. Shellenberger called Governor Gavin Newsom’s climate policies “pro-scarcity” and “anti-human.” This is a great description of the Green New Deal agenda. The administration’s elitist attitude toward gas prices and its casual attitude towards electric cars can be attributed to nearly every American. Shellenberger’s words would be a good way for the GOP to explain the impact of Democrat policies.

President Obama’s comments about food scarcity and steep rises in beef, eggs, and other grocery items reinforce the perception of scarcity. These items are not available in sufficient quantities because of government policy and not natural constraints. Anyone who has seen Bill Gates promoting lab-created meats or Bloomberg articles extolling the virtues of mealworms can see the whole picture. It is important that the GOP makes it clear that Americans won’t have easy access to fuel and food due to government policies.

Glenn Beck’s radio program featured another theme that Stu Burguiere suggested. They discussed the possibility that the Biden administration would lift Title 42 restrictions at South Border. This would allow for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions that restrict migrant intake. According to some estimates, 18,000 illegal immigrants would need processing each day. Beck and Burguiere pointed out that people aren’t the only commodity crossing the southern border. This enriches the cartels. Large quantities of opiates, including the deadly fentanyl, are also being trafficked. This is well-documented.

Beck pointed out the record-breaking number of teens dying from overdoses. Burguiere claimed these deaths are not due to overdoses. Many young Americans think they are purchasing other medications such as Xanax and Adderall. These pills contain deadly amounts of fentanyl and are fakes. The tablets are manufactured by the cartel to look similar to the generics of other less deadly medications. Burguiere claimed that cartels are poisoning teens and young adults because of this deceit. These deaths are not accidental or intentional. Many teens thought they were taking another drug.

This means that Biden’s open-border policies permit the cartels and our children to be murdered for profit. A great way to gain support for the U.S. military to descend on the southern border to close it is to explain unambiguously that our children are being killed by not doing so. Unfortunately, Burguiere’s description is correct. Anyone who has an understanding of Unrestricted Warfare in China and the inputs that make fentanyl there is familiar with it. This includes our intelligence agencies, federal law enforcement agencies, and military personnel. But, nobody is doing anything.

The GOP needs to use harsh language to describe the terrible policies that Democrats have inflicted on the country. Two examples of accurate and savage slogans are the open borders and the green agenda. It is amazing how many ways the Biden administration has made Americans less successful, safer, and more secure in just 18 months. If the GOP cannot defeat the Democrats using the same bat as their policies, they deserve to lose. If the GOP fails to offer real solutions to the problems Joe Biden created, then they must be replaced.