If You Want to See The Most Political 4th Of July Message, Look No Further Than The DNC

Source: Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

We already saw on Friday how out there DNC chairman and failed senatorial candidate Jaime Harrison can be, as evidenced by his bizarre tweet against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). He showed off his partisan politics via a 4th of July email commemorating the holiday in a DNC email, which wasn’t so much pro-America as it was pro-Biden.

Here’s the statement in full which arrived in people’s inboxes just before 9am:

“Last year, July 4 was a heavy day for the American people. A day usually filled with fireworks and family was lost to a pandemic that had already taken so much.

“But after months of isolation, fireworks will light up the sky and families will gather around the grill. This year, we bring a new sense of appreciation for the freedoms big and small that Americans enjoy every day. The freedom to send our children to school and summer camp, and to once again see smiles on each other’s faces as we pass in the street. The even bigger freedoms of choosing who we want to represent us in legislatures, our freedom of expression, and the freedom to love without discrimination. And most of all, the freedom to hold a loved one close, and to celebrate important milestones together. Those freedoms and countless others are what make America strong and what the Fourth of July gives us the opportunity to commemorate. Now, thanks to the Biden-Harris administration’s hugely successful national vaccination campaign, we can once again celebrate them with our friends and family.

“Because of the hard work of President Biden and Democrats, millions of Americans have been vaccinated. One year and one day ago, the United States had just hit its single day high of newly reported coronavirus cases. Today, because of the Biden-Harris administration’s whole-of-government response, the pandemic is in retreat.

“Beating the coronavirus pandemic was just the beginning. Since the president’s inauguration, Democrats have passed the American Rescue Plan, restored our leadership on the world stage, created millions of new jobs, and brought our economy roaring back. And we’re still only getting started.

“President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats delivered for the American people and reestablished what we’ve known to be true: America is a country that will always work toward its ideals and never stop working to be a better example of the world. This July, as Americans across the country come together, we can proudly say that America is coming back.”

I don’t know about Harrison, but my family and I enjoyed our 4th of July celebration just fine, which included safely watching fireworks.

Perhaps worst of all, though, is acting as if our cause for celebration depends on what the government tells us we can and cannot do because of this virus.

This is actually a consistent Democratic talking point. President Joe Biden himself has made that connection, and he’s done so at least since his address to the nation to mark the one-year anniversary of the Wuhan coronavirus being declared a pandemic, back in March.

Another particularly rich and oft-repeated claim is that we have the vaccine all thanks to the Biden-Harris administration, when really it came from the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed.

Harrison even uses the 4th of July message to celebrate not so much Independence Day, but the completely partisan American Rescue Plan, which received no Republican vote and which even two Democratic congressman voted against.

And I thought we were supposed to have a “unity” president.

Author : Rebecca Downs

Source : Town Hall : If You Want to See the Most Political 4th of July Message, Look No Further than the DNC