Is Biden The Worst President We’ve Had?


“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** up,” ex-President Barack Obama said about Joe Biden during 2020 primaries. After his first year in office, no one will underestimate this flailing and failing president’s ability.

The Oval Office occupant in crisis was supposed to have an informal reset over the last two weeks. His push for his so-called “voting right” bill passed two stubborn Democratic senators. Then he continued to try to project a sense of personal competence through his record-breaking press conference on Wednesday.

Both failed attempts were followed by the test of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s determination and strength over Ukraine. Biden and NATO have yet to show much strength and determination.

The stock market is turning bear, gas prices have risen, food prices have soared, supply chain problems remain and there is a trucking problem arising from Biden’s vaccination mandate.

Biden has been losing Hispanic votes, is now losing Black voters and not even a third of American voters want him at the top in 2024.

“Who are you going to believe?” Biden basically says, “me or my own lyin’ grocery bills?”

Washington Democrats are in Full Bore Panic Mode. ABC News reports that “Democrats turn against each other as Biden’s agenda stalls.”

CNN appears to have snapped from denial, warning last Wednesday that the White House political operation was heading into midterms unprepared for and unresponsive to basic requests for information or help.

Beta O’Rourke — do you remember him? — does not want Biden to taint his doomed race for Texas governor.

These are the kindest words I have ever seen about Flailing Joe in these past two weeks. They came from left-leaning pollster John Zogby who gave Biden a “Grade B” in the Washington Examiners weekly roundup.

Zogby stated, “His performance at the press conference was a start, but he did draw controversy for misstating Russia’s threat to Ukraine.”

It is difficult to see how Zogby could describe that presser as “a start.” As instructed, I turned the key in the ignition and slowly removed my left hand from the clutch. The SUV then began to stall out after a while, as it lurched forward a little.

Biden did more than just draw controversy over Ukraine. He also set off a major White House scramble, while also showing his lack of preparation.

Zogby acknowledges that Biden still has a long way to go to recover. However, Zogby says, “I am going with him an average grade because, he got out there, faced the media, told his story, and is at least trying to get his message across.”

Let me be honest.

The Gentleman’s C, although not always an honorable tradition, is an age-old one. Professors usually award it to a not-too-bright family member who shows up to class, does the work (or at most pretends at it), and generally follows his manners.

This is not gentlemanly and Biden does not deserve a pass.