Is There a Joel Osteen Church Scandal Beginning?


Houston’s radio station reported shocking news on Friday morning. While repairing the bathroom, a plumber called to report that 500 envelopes containing cash and checks were found in the wall behind Joel Osteen’s megachurch Lakewood Church.

Lakewood Church confirmed the story and said that they called the Houston Police Department immediately after learning of the theft. Police are currently investigating the $600,000.00 theft from 2014.

CBS Houston reported that “The Houston Police Department continues to investigate the seven-year-old case regarding the disappearance of 600-thousand-dollars. The case raises many questions, even though it isn’t clear what the plumber found.

Why would someone steal money from a church and hide it? Twitter took this opportunity to speculate about the events.

Osteen is controversial within the Christian world. His Oprah-style self-help prosperity-gospel religion is a mockery. I don’t understand why Osteen has so many followers.

They want churches to lose their tax exemption. They claim they fund Republicans. Osteen, however, seems less inclined to discuss controversial issues with anyone. He avoids asking difficult questions about abortion, saying it’s “above” him. This doesn’t sound like someone who gives to the GOP. However, it is possible that he doesn’t earn enough to pay his salary.

Rather than penalizing all churches with taxes and imposing severe penalties, you could try to prosecute mega-churches that are involved in illegal activities. If they are found guilty of insurance fraud, it looks like Lakewood Church could be a good place to start.