It’s A Shot, Not A Vaccine


There was a war in Big Ice Cream several years ago. Some companies were selling ice cream that was labeled as ice cream. However, others in the industry said it did not meet the standards and definition of ice cream. Some manufacturers used cheaper ingredients to avoid the high cost of cream. After much discussion, the FDA issued a rule that defined Ice Cream and allowed for the use of certain ingredients. Later, it was renamed “frozen dairy dessert.” Because the former is not Ice Cream.

There was a race to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 in order to protect as many people as possible when it struck in 2020. The largest-ever mass-medical effort by the Trump Administration was Operation Warp Speed. The rushed vaccine was created at a cost of billions. Miles of red tape were eliminated in order to allow private companies to produce a product that was deemed to be the final solution to COVID-19. Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson, and Johnson all made their debuts before Trump was elected, and handed over the highly effective vaccines. They advised that everyone get vaccinated “so that we all can return to normal.”

Although I admit that I got the vaccine myself early, it was mainly to protect my octogenarian dad, who I was seeing multiple times per week. There was no vaccine data at that time. I believed the information provided by the pharmaceutical companies that produced the vaccines and the government agencies that approved them. I believed that I could help in times of crisis because I thought there was a way to hold the government and big pharma accountable in the event that anyone in my family or I were injured by the vaccine.

This was before the government and big pharma were protected from any liability for injuries caused by the COVID vaccines.

They are now trying to make us take a vaccine, even though we’re already more than a decade later.

However, I have to say that the order regarding immunity to lawsuits specifically mentions medical damages and death resulting from the vaccine. This limits one’s recourse in the event they are hurt by the vaccine. But, I think there might be a way to sue the government and vaccine manufacturers for something more ice-cream-like:

They are not selling vaccines.

The FDA had the freedom to decide what ice cream was or wasn’t, based on the definition of ice cream before the discovery and replacement of “frozen milk dessert” ingredients. We should be able, however, to determine what a vaccine is, before the powers-that-be hastily altered the definition to accommodate the failures of COVID-19 vaccines.

These vaccines aren’t a vaccine. Vaccines have been able to prevent a large portion of the population from getting infected by any pathogen that they claim to be protecting them from. You were protected against measles and mumps by getting vaccinated. They were not meant to make measles a seasonal problem or give you a mild case. They were intended to eradicate the disease. The public was quick to get vaccinated, and now our children will be vaccinated. Based on promises made by the government and drug companies, I was vaccinated. I would not get COVID if I got the shot.

These promises are now proving to be empty. They suggest that vaccines will not reduce your chance of dying or being hospitalized from COVID-19. This is all for a disease with a 99% survival ratio for those who are not vaccinated (under seventy years). Even more shocking is the claim that vaccines are working against Omicron. The government claims that vaccines cause lower hospitalizations and deaths. However, if you look at data from less vaccinated people such as South Africa you will see that the lower severity of the variant is not due to vaccines or any effects they might have.

While the government and drug companies continue to push through public-funded commercials and press conferences, mailers and mandates, they already know… beyond a reasonable doubt… that they are lying. This is fraud advertising. Like ice cream, vaccines have a specific and well-known definition. I have almost zero chance of getting infected by any other disease if I’m vaccinated. The government and non-vaccine producers should stop using the term “vaccine”, to describe COVID-19 shots. They should also be prohibited legally from using that term by the courts. False advertising is made by using that term.