It’s Beyond Time To Move On With Our Lives


A Monmouth University poll just came out and showed that 70% of Americans think COVID should become a fact.

Surprisingly 70% of people polled said they were ready to move on. 78% stated they had and 65% claimed they have not. Even those who have not been infected yet believe it is time to move on. Monmouth states the main factor “is due to partisanship–ranging from 89% of Republicans and 71% of independents to 47% of Democrats.” This is a bit narrow-sighted and partisan. Americans would rather work, go to school and live a full and happy life than being locked up.

Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray stated that Americans are still concerned about COVID.

The poll found that the majority of Americans support certain preventative measures like face masks and social distancing, but not other mandated workplace vaccinations. They fail to mention that most Americans support these measures and don’t want the government forcing them into it.

This poll shows Americans’ dismay at President Biden’s inability to control the pandemic. That’s okay.

Americans are more concerned that Biden failed to manage the pandemic (53%) whereas 43% of Americans believe he did a great job (46% good job and 41% bad job), Monmouth didn’t poll anyone in Gavin Newsom’s California.

40% of Americans believe or have been diagnosed with COVID. 40% of Americans believe they have COVID or have it confirmed. 27% reported it as a result of a test.

It is encouraging to see more Americans understand that COVID exists for the long term. Perhaps Monmouth will pose this question next year.