It’s Clear, West Coast Isn’t The Best Coast


Welcome to the West Coast Messed Coast(tm). The West Coast, Messed Coast(tm), report, after witnessing the protest fighters of yesteryear calling for censorship, slavish devotion Joe Biden mask, and vaccine mandates is pleased to announce that “the children” are fighting for freedom and some honesty.

As Matt Lee did at a State Department briefing, or as a dog with bones, all children need is for education and health officials to explain why kids must wear masks to school, despite the fact that they have a very low chance of dying from COVID-19.

“Because they said so” doesn’t work anymore.

Even Dr. Fauci has reaffirmed his belief that cloth masks are almost useless.

Students protested in tiny Pe Ell, Washington on Interstate 5 between Portland & Olympia. They knew that the school would lose its average daily attendance funding if students weren’t present. The school loses funding if it doesn’t follow mask mandates. Which side will prevail? Freedom or money?

Students in Washougal, Washington were asked to protest the decision and show respect. Students calling themselves “Freedom Fighters of Washougal” staged a demonstration and marched to their school. Cade Costales, one of the protest leaders, advised students not to disrespect their teachers.

Neil Young, hurry! Censor that kid!

Costales stated to the students that they were hoping they would kick them out. This sounds terrible, but we hope they kick us out. They have to report attendance to the state and if they see a day where 100 or more kids are absent, they will start asking questions.

The children don’t think so.

Over 55,000 students were expelled from Washington’s public schools for violating COVID-19 mandates. These mandates refer to the state education department’s pornographic “sex-ed” instruction, disastrous online learning efforts, and critical race theory. Governor Jay Inslee, the superintendent of schools, is working together to make up the nearly half-billion in funding cuts. This is right after parents voted with all their might to take their children out. It should be obvious that the market will tell. However, state factotums have plans to reward schools with full funding.

After the superintendent and the local board approved a voluntary Mask policy, Kate Brown, the Oregon governor, withdrew federal funding from the Alsea School district. Chris Plante, the Talk host, stated that Leftists don’t ban what they mandate.

Only a few bitter clinger governors are still holding on to their mask mandates. States that require them are in the blue category: California and Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, and New Mexico. Nevada, shame on you.
Mask mandates in California don’t apply to the small people. This was evident by professional mask scolds Eric Garcetti and Gavin Newsom, who are both hypocrites and mask scolds. It was made a meme by a Twitter user who asked students to print it out and wear it as a badge to honor themselves when answering school mask scolds.

Garcetti actually stated that it was okay for him to take off his mask in order to photograph Magic Johnson.

Yes, there was another politician who didn’t inhale.

As long as we don’t do this shame walk, Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, is here at the big game without one of her matching silk masks.

These so-called leaders of the West Coast, Messed Coast States prefer lockdowns and mandates for freedom — unless you are a felon and then they’ll release you from prison or not charge you.

The shootings in Seattle nearly doubled between 2020 and 2021. All violent crime increased dramatically, even though statistics are only available for shootings.

It has happened to business owners and they are moving to safer places. Other people are attempting to protect their businesses because the police won’t allow them or won’t.

These leaders only care about law-abiding people.

Until next time.