It’s Official: Naftali Bennett Confirmed As New Israeli Prime Minister, 60 – 59

Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty

Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, confirmed Naftali Bennett as the country’s new prime minister on Sunday evening, at the head of a narrow majority coalition of small parties that has replaced Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time in 12 years.

The vote was as close as it could possibly be, with the Knesset voting 60-59 to confirm the government by one vote.

Earlier, the Knesset heard speeches from Bennett and Netanyahu, as well as from smaller parties. Bennett thanked his rival for his service, and promised to work with U.S. President Joe Biden, though vowed to oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu retorted that Bennett could not be trusted to keep his word, and vowed to topple the new government from the opposition benches, assuming that his last-minute efforts to encourage coalition members to defect from Bennett failed.

Other speeches included an oration from Mansour Abbas, whose Islamist Ra’am party is the first Arab party to play a major role in an Israeli government. Abbas delivered his address in Arabic, which is one of Israel’s official languages.

Author : Joel B. Pollak

Source : Breitbart : It’s Official: Naftali Bennett Confirmed as New Israeli Prime Minister, 60-59