It’s Time to Stand Up, The Enemy Is at the Gate


Your grandparents or parents may have dealt with or fought tyranny during the 1940s. What have we actually learned since then?

My good friend, comedian Terry McNeely, was driving me from Michigan to Long Island in March 2020. A virus that would kill over 99% of Americans was causing the nation to shut down. We were taking out toilet paper from our rest areas and hotels. The situation was a “dress rehearsal” for communism, which I mistakenly called it. It was actually showtime!

I don’t know if what we are seeing is communism. You can see the Nazis taking complete control over their citizens at record speed if you read the history of Germany between 1933 and 1939. The fake fire that started in the Reichstag, their capital, was what it all began. The Nazis destroyed it and blamed a communist. They were granted the “right” of laying down laws for the safety and security of the nation.

COVID-19, also known as the Hong Kong Fluey or whatever you want to call it, is the Reichstag fire. It has been used by Democrats to imprison us and take away our rights. They forced us to leave our jobs and closed down our homes. They provided some money to make us dependent on them. COVID was used to force us to eat a “vaccine” they claimed would work. Workers, including first responders, who put their lives at risk during the Bat-stew Flu outbreak, were fired if their sleeves didn’t rise and they didn’t bend over. To “save lives,” they used COVID to force us to wear useless masks and to stand on stickers at the grocery shop. This idea was based upon outdated information. All this was done for the “safety and security of the nation.”

The Democrats wanted to know how much control they could have over us, and what they could get away with. It is shocking, frightening, and even embarrassing. We followed them like sheep. We did it for the “safety and security of the nation.”

Gropey Joe once said that he wouldn’t mandate vaccines and asked us to wear masks for 100 days.

Do you remember when he said that the vaccine would stop COVID in its tracks? They claimed Trump conspired with Russia. Russians fabricated Hunter’s laptop containing drug porn and evidence Joe had sold his influence to mad stacks. How many times can we keep being lied to?

Joe Biden has stepped up his commie/Nazi game by creating his “ministry for truth” this week. This oddly happened right after Elon Musk, a free-speech-loving billionaire, bought Twitter. Comrade Joe and his government are in panic mode. They want to dictate the truth. They won’t let us speak the truth and threaten to stop those who do. While we don’t yet know what “stop” actually means, we do know that the new, Nazi-like censorship panel comes from the Dept. Homeland Security (DHS), and they have lots of guns.

Nina Jankowicz is Biden’s choice to lead the “ministry for truth”. She has a history of publicly lying. I also find her nutsier than squirrel droppings.

It is a hack to compare politicians to Nazis, but it is true. Hitler’s SA or brownshirts were paramilitary thugs that rioted where and when Hitler wanted. They were mostly unimpeded by law enforcement. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are doing the same thing for Democrats. There are many more similarities.

Here’s my handy-dandy Nazi/Commie-Democrat similarity table, because I believe it’s either now or never. These are the three main political parties:

Unarmed citizens

Ministries of truth/anti-free speech

Political enemies are being locked up (J6 protestors are still in jail).

Thugs on the streets are violent

You have control over the lessons your children are learning

Control over the press (Twitter resigned from the NY Post after breaking the Hunter laptop story).


I could go on, but you get the idea. P.S. Real Republicans (not RINOs!) oppose all these things.

How did the Nazis and communists become so successful? Good people refused to be silenced. They allowed the tyranny to continue, even though they and their children were being marched into gas chambers.

Like those 30-round magazines, the 2nd Amendment was not designed for hunting.

The Founding Fathers understood that men can become tyrants, and wrote the Constitution accordingly. The Democrats are now tyrants. They want to abolish the 1st Amendment and exonerate the 2nd Amendment. They want control over what you believe and say. They desire total dominance as they did in early 2020, even though 66% of COVID patients had been locked down by May 2020.

You can now find out what you would do in Nazi Germany if you have ever wondered. Be loud and resist being dominated. Purchase ammo. We must fight as hard as they do. It is not possible to take the “high road”.

You are complicit in the election of the tyrants this November if you do not vote them out. You shouldn’t be afraid of having your liberal sister-in-law and her soy boi toy label you a bigot, because men can’t conceive. Make noise on social media and don’t be afraid to wear your MAGA hat. They fear us.

It’s 1933, but this time it is in the United States. No other country can free us from the tyranny that our grandparents gave Europe and Asia. It is up to us. Let’s roll.