Jen Psaki’s Response to Chris Wallace on Parental Rights Laws


Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, seems to be listening to a lot more podcasts and interviews, as she nears her final days at the White House. She is reportedly on her way to the MSDNC. Perhaps she is trying to get more attention for her show and herself. Over the last month, she’s become more annoying and outspoken. She has lost any pretense of politeness and spun more outrageous lies. While there are ethical issues with having a deal while she is still in the White House, no one seems to be holding her responsible for these actions.

Psaki joined Chris Wallace on CNN+. This is the only way anyone could watch Wallace and CNN+ even for a moment. Wallace asked Psaki about the Florida parental rights bill. She indicated that he would be concerned if teachers were teaching sex education under third grade. Psaki replied that it wasn’t about “sex” but rather teaching children about “gender identity”, which she supported.

“What about Sally?” Sally has two mothers. Or, I don’t know if I am a girl or boy,” Psaki stated. Then she claimed that schools didn’t have a lot of experience teaching gender identity. Evidently, she hasn’t seen Libs of TikTok’s account. That’s why the left wants it to be destroyed. Which is it? They want to be able to teach the subject, or there isn’t much record. These two concepts are incompatible. The answer is easy — ask your parents. A teacher must be prompted to make this question of any child. Psaki wants the teacher to tell children whether they are girls or boys. Their Supreme Court candidate couldn’t answer the question of what a woman was, nor could any members of their administration. I don’t want anyone who cannot even define what a woman looks like. Psaki actually ignores the problem and explains why the law is necessary.

Psaki, as we reported previously, broke down in tears (fake?). Psaki cried over the issue, referring to how terrible laws such as the Florida law.

It’s almost like bullying kids, and then all these leaders take steps to hurt them. Their lives and their families are being hurt.” Psaki claimed that laws were targeting parents and it was “outrageous.”

The parents are being attacked by putting the instruction where it belongs — in their hands. Psaki is not the most sharpening tool in the drawer, as no one has ever claimed.

Chris Wallace managed to convince a few people to watch his CNN+ interview with him before the powers were thrown out of CNN+ for its failure.

My colleague pointed out that “If a question is posed to an administration hacker on CNN+ and no one is present to hear it, does that make any difference?”