Jewish Children Gather Under George Floyd Protest


DeBlasio Beaten By His Own Game

Jewish children in New York City who were out celebrating carnival decided to put up a sign that read, “Justice for George Floyd” in the hopes that it would prevent NYPD from breaking up the gathering.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio had previously called out the Jewish Community via Twitter in late April for continuing to gather for religious events such as funerals. Many in the Jewish community were upset by this and see de Blasio’s latest stance on mass protests as hypocritical.

The Jewish children felt that the bake sale was much less likely to be shut down by NYPD if it was also considered a protest in the name of George Floyd.

The circumstances surrounding police crackdowns on protests against the police killing of George Floyd have received far more favourable attention than those protests to reopen the economy. In New York, Jewish funerals have been broken up by the NYPD under de Blasio’s direction.

De Blasio has reversed his position on mass public gatherings to accommodate George Floyd protestors, but has not made any overtures or attempted to make amends with the Jewish community.

Author: Quinn Patrick

Source: The Post Millennial: Jewish children’s gathering turned into a George Floyd protest so de Blasio wouldn’t shut it down