Joe Biden, Three Days Before Christmas: Our Darkest Days Are Ahead


Vice President Joe Biden said of COVID-19 on Tuesday in a public address that “Our darkest days are ahead of us, not behind us,” the same day Congress passed another $900 billion big business and blue state bailout spree and the day after he received the new COVID vaccine on live television.

Democrats’ recent pessimism has been puzzling, since the vaccine and massive government spending should be considered by Biden a step forward in the fight against COVID.

The former VP’s remarks are also odd given that during the presidential debates he said of COVID: “I will end this. I will make sure we have a plan.” Now that the darkest days are apparently ahead of us, Americans are left wondering if he will make good on this campaign promise.

Biden has been severely critical of President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic, even accusing him of not caring about the American people. Blasting Trump on the campaign trail, Biden said, “For all his bluster about his expertise on the economy he is unable to explain how he’ll actually help working families hit the hardest. You know, he’s quit on you, and he’s quit on this country.” Yet, as of today, Biden is suggesting his administration will be worse than the Trump administration.

This could be another of Biden’s famous “gaffes” or Freudian slips. A Biden administration might really mean the darkest days are ahead of us. Biden’s son, Hunter, is suspected of money laundering in China and the Ukraine, with evidence that Joe Biden was aware of it and may be compromised, which poses a serious potential national security threat.

Given Biden’s mental deterioration, there is also fear that a Biden administration wouldn’t really be Biden’s. Instead, the forgetful and frail former VP will be used as a vehicle for the left’s cultural revolution, especially since Biden’s vice presidential pick Kamala Harris has proven to be a solid member of the far left.

Author : Evita Duffy

Source : The Federa List : Joe Biden: ‘Our Darkest Days Are Ahead’