Justice Sotomayor Is The Latest Victim Of Fake News


Yesterday’s huge story, Justice Sonia Sotomayor being so upset that Justice Neil Gorsuch refuses to wear a mask, and Sotomayor hiding in her office as a result, was repeated by every media outlet. This fake news hoax, which National Public Radio (NPR), pulled on everyone, turned out to be a hoax.

Neil Gorsuch, and Sonia Sotomayor were joined in a statement Wednesday disputing an NPR report that was published recently. The liberal media organization claimed that the conservative justice refused to wear masks on the court despite being asked.

Fox News was told by a source that Roberts did not direct other justices to wear masks, and that those who have done so were doing it on their own.

What’s the deal with NPR? They made this up. Or were they hounded by an “unnamed source?” They can’t get it down the memory hole. The entire transcript is archived Nina Totenberg, a long-form piece that was intended to disparage conservatives on the Supreme Court claimed that NPR had been told by “sources” that Sotomayor & Gorsuch were at odds over masking.

However, things had changed and Sotomayor, according to court sources did not feel secure in close proximity to unmasked people. Chief Justice John Roberts understood this and asked the other justices for their masks. Gorsuch, however, is sitting next to Sotomayor at the bench. Sotomayor hasn’t attended the weekly justices’ conference in person since then because of his refusal to do so. Instead, he has joined by telephone.

It doesn’t take much to notice something unusual these days. It can be traced to the new conservative supermajority that includes three Trump appointees. This court may end up being more conservative and conservative than any court since the 1930s. It’s therefore not surprising that three of the court’s liberal justices would be upset. The degree of the upset is what telegraphs that something is different.

They are allowed to do such things. Now that the justices have come out and said this is false, I believe we should be able demand the source from Totenberg. She allegedly told her this happened. NPR has not yet taken down the story or issued a retraction. Why? They said nothing, but it seems that they did not do anything.

Jonathan Turley knows the reason Nina Totenberg did it.

Conservatives and Republicans have previously accused Totenberg of bias over her views on the Supreme Court. NPR expressed regret in one instance that Totenberg had not revealed a close personal relationship to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, despite many years of coverage. We have discussed a dubious story in which Gorsuch was attacked while Justice Elena Kagan is extolled.

This false rumor was spread by Totenberg and led to unfair criticisms of Gorsuch as well as Sotomayor’s. Totenberg created pieces such mine in which I defended Gorsuch, and then dragged Sotomayor across some very spicy coals! The right believes Sotomayor to be a Branch Covidian and the left believes Neil Gorsuch is a Grinch that doesn’t care whether Sotomayor dies or lives. It’s Totenberg’s fault.

I stand by yesterday’s report in which I warned the media not to make a big deal out of this workplace tiff. That didn’t happen. Justice Sotomayor needs to take better care of her health, as should anyone else concerned about COVID. This is still an important criticism, but I wouldn’t have made it as harsh if Totenberg hadn’t. Although the line about trying to live a healthier lifestyle than a second cheeseburger was one my more humorous quips, I don’t regret that. Anyone suffering from COVID-induced hypochondria should still follow this guideline. Take care of yourself, that’s all. Don’t force your mental disorder on others.

It seems that Sotomayor is not a COVID-panicked case mental case. That’s a good thing. We need more people who can handle the tough stuff at the highest court.

Concerning the fake news attack on Sotomayor: I’m glad it happened. Your honor, welcome to our world. It’s awful when the enemy of people lies about you.