Kennedy To McCabe: You Weren’t Fired For Parking In Handicap Space


Ripping the FBI’s handling of investigations of presidential campaigns in 2016 as “an incompetence tsunami,” Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., pressing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for denying he was fired for lying to the FBI.

“You aren’t fired for parking in a handicap parking spot at the FBI, are you?” Kennedy asked during Senate Judiciary Committee cross-examination of McCabe on Tuesday. “You were fired for lying, are you not?”

McCabe was terminated by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for misleading FBI Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s probe of potential leaks to the media during an investigation into the origins of the Russia election meddling probe.

“I was fired as a result of a deeply unfair and flawed IG investigation and I am challenging that termination in federal court,” McCabe responded.

Kennedy rejected that claim, saying McCabe and politically motivate FBI investigators have damaged the reputation of the FBI in the eyes of the American people.

“And they’re thinking how did these guys make it through the birth canal?” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s questioning of McCabe concluded with him pressing the now-paid CNN contributor.

“Gen. Flynn’s been prosecuted for lying to the FBI,” Kennedy said. “You lied to the FBI, and you are being prosecuted. Don’t you think that sends the wrong message to the American people?”

McCabe continued his denial of his alleged lying to the FBI IG, which set off the above Kennedy rebuke.

“Senator, Gen. Flynn’s situation and mine have absolutely nothing in common,” McCabe said. “I never, ever intentionally misled the FBI of the IG under any circumstances. And, I think, that’s probably the conclusion that the D.C. U.S. attorney’s office came to when they dismissed the two-year investigation of me.”

Author : Eric Mack

Source : News Max : Kennedy: McCabe, ‘You Weren’t Fired for Parking in Handicap Space’