Left-Wing Journalists Misleadingly Quote McEnany On Opening Schools, Science


Several left-wing reporters misleadingly quoted White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday, falsely asserting that McEnany indicated that the administration’s position on opening schools was that science regarding the COVID-19 pandemic should not be taken into consideration.

The journalists, along with a few left-wing media publications, wrote on Twitter that McEnany said that “science should not stand in the way” of children going back to school.

McEnany’s full remarks are below, with relevant portions appearing in bold:

The president has said unmistakably that he wants schools to open. And I was just in the Oval talking to him about that. And when he says open, he means open and full, kids being able to attend each and every day at their school. The science should not stand in the way of this. And as Dr. Scott Atlas said, I thought this was a good quote. Of course, we can do it. Everyone else in the Western world, our peer nations are doing it. We are the outlier here. The science is very clear on this, that for instance, you look at the JAMA Pediatric study of 46 pediatric hospitals in North America that said the risk of critical illness from COVID is far less for children than that of seasonal flu.

The science is on our side here, and we encourage for localities and states to just simply follow the science, open our schools. It’s very damaging to our children. There’s a lack of reporting of abuse, there’s mental depressions that are not addressed, suicidal ideations that are not addressed when students are not in school. Our schools are extremely important. They’re essential and they must reopen. Yes.

McEnany directly responded to one of the misleading quotes, from The Washington Post, that appeared on social media, writing: “Case Study in Media Bias: I said: ‘The science is very clear on this…the science is on our side here. We encourage our localities & states to just simply follow the science. Open our schools.’ But leave it to the media to deceptively suggest I was making the opposite point!

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that many were taking McEnany’s comments on of context, writing: “Folks, read the ENTIRE McEnany comment about ‘the science should not stand in the way’ of opening schools. She’s arguing that the science is on the side of those who want to open them, she cites a JAMA study. I’m not taking a position on the matter but be fair.

Among those who posted the misleading quote was CNN’s Jim Acosta and CBS News’ Weijia Jiang.

After time passed and their initial tweets with the misleading quotes went viral, both Acosta and Jiang issued follow-ups to their initial tweets where they attempted to add additional context but did not delete the initial misleading tweet.

Others notable figures that posted the misleading quote included Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Bill Nye

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Source : Daily Wire : Left-Wing Journalists Misleadingly Quote Kayleigh McEnany On Opening Schools, Science