Leo Terrell Just Ordered McConnell To Get Off His Butt …Do It Now!!!!!!

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Is there any group of traitors more useless and worthless than the GOP?

Maybe they’re not all that useless – after all, they did help the Dems and China remove Trump from office…so when they need to band together and actually get stuff done for the Dems, they’re like a house on fire.

And 10 of those traitors in the House voted to impeach our amazing and popular America First President. The second coup attempt was led by none other than Liz Cheney, the daughter of warmonger and liar Dick Cheney, who is responsible for thousands of American men and women’s deaths overseas fighting in pointless neocon wars, and Illinois clown and Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who recently declared that the “base” is “turning on Trump.”

These people are clueless buffoons who are so wildly out of touch with the Republican base, it’s not even funny.

And speaking of impeachment, word on the street was that Mitch was delighted about it and even entertained the idea of supporting this stupid stunt. However, after an ungodly amount of blowback, Mitch issued a statement that there was not enough “time” to hold a trial.

Notice how he didn’t call the impeachment “ridiculous” or a “sham” like he should have? Of course not, I am sure he supports it full-stop.

And that’s where Leo comes in…he’s demanding that McConnell get off his duff and hold a presser immediately, and declare that he opposes this sham impeachment.

Here’s what Leo said: “Mitch McConnell, I demand you hold a press conference and immediately declare your opposition to the Senate Impeachment trial. Do it now!!!!!!”

We love Leo!

Leo is so serious, he even said “Do it now!!!!!! with 6 exclamation points!

Leo’s been an amazing warrior for President Trump and we’re so lucky to have him on our side.

Do you think Mitch will listen to Leo and come out and slam this impeachment?

It would be a small (very, very, very small) step for the GOP to take to at least try and show their voters that they’re not completely out of step…but, alas, the GOP doesn’t give a damn about their voters, so don’t hold your breath on this one.

Author : Missy Crane

Source : Wayne Dupree : Leo Terrell Just Ordered McConnell to Get Off His Butt …”Do it Now!!!!!!”