Man Attacked For Trump 2020 Flag On Camper, Daughter Injured

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A Wisconsin man says he was attacked by a group of men because he was flying a “Trump 2020” flag on his camper. He suffered several bruises from the alleged attack, as did his daughter.

Greg Bloch and his family were at the Oasis Campground in central Wisconsin on the first weekend of August. Bloch told WSAW-TV that a group, who appeared to be intoxicated, walked though his family’s campsite around dusk on Saturday, Aug. 1. Bloch believes the three individuals were a mother, her son in his 20s, and an older man.

“Three individuals came walking through our campsite. It was dusk, and they were coming from a pond, and they had been drinking and seemed pretty inebriated,” Bloch told Heavy. Bloch said they dropped pizza boxes and beer cans as they walked near his camper.

Spilling stuff through our campsite, and, they picked up their stuff and were apologetic about it, until the younger individual, the male, went through and saw the Trump flag that I had just purchased that day,” according to Bloch.

“That’s when they saw my flag on my awning,” Bloch said. The younger man then allegedly said, “I’m Mexican. What’s up with that Trump flag?”

Bloch responded, “I said ‘Trump loves everybody, have a good day,’ just trying to move him along.”

As the man walked away, he allegedly said, “That flag is coming down later.” Bloch retorted, “No, it’s not.”

Bloch claims that about 20 minutes later he heard banging on the side of his camper. “My wife says, ‘They’re back,'” Bloch alleges, adding that there were three men in the group when they showed up a second time. “As soon as I rounded the camper, I noticed the flag was torn down,” he said.

“The one male rushed me, the one I had the conversation with earlier, and I’m like ‘Okay, this is going down I guess,'” Bloch, who said he had never been in a fight in his life until that moment, explained. “We grappled; fell into my camper; fell down to the ground. At that point, I was getting pummeled by all three. They were landing on my face, my nose.”

“The other two started laying haymakers into my head along with the original guy,” he claimed. “They were full out punching me in the head and ears.”

Bloch’s wife and daughters attempted to stop the fight, but then they were physically assaulted as well.

“My 20-year-old daughter, she came around from the front of the truck and grabbed one of the individuals,” Bloch claimed. “He pinned her against my truck and hit her in the face. It was probably 10, 20, 30 seconds of it, but that was enough.”

Dean claimed the woman in the group “came behind me and punched me in the back of the head and pulled my hair.”

“The worst part is three guys attacking my dad and feeling so helpless,” she continued. “I got out of this lady’s grip. I hit the ground; my knees are scabbed up. She went to my mom and started pulling her hair. There were huge chunks of hair on the ground.”

“One of these gentlemen pinned my sister against my dad’s truck and punched her in the face,” Dean said. “Her jaw is all bruised. Not a single person in my family has ever been in a confrontation or fight before. It’s not who we are.

Victoria Bloch, 20, said her chin and collarbone were bruised and swollen. Dean, 24, provided Heavy with a photo of her sister’s injured jaw.

Dean wrote on Facebook, “Scariest thing I’ve been through in my 24 years of life but so thankful everyone is okay.” Another person replied, “Alexandria Dean agreed. A very scary moment that seemed to last an eternity!!”

The brawl was broken up by campground staff and other family members. The three individuals got into a car at a nearby campsite and drove away.

“They were very responsive to what I needed,” Bloch said of the Oasis Campground employees. “They did great, the staff came and helped me clean up my wounds. They were good about it.”

The Waushara County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a report was filed about the campground altercation. Chief Deputy Jim Lietz said that there is an ongoing investigation.

Bloch suffered several bruises and believes his nose was broken in the attack. He shared photos of his injuries on Facebook and included the caption, “Got jumped at a campground in central Wisconsin this weekend by 3 individuals for flying my Trump 2020 flag. Wife and two daughters accosted while trying to get them off of me. Sheriff’s dept is currently searching for individuals involved. Wanted to share to let people know this can happen to anyone. Be careful out there!

“They were dropping that (pizza) all over, and my mom and I said, ‘Can you please pick that up,'” Bloch’s daughter, Alexandria Dean, said. “It was all over our campsite. They said, ‘Oh sorry.’

I’m disappointed in the fact that just because a flag was flying, people get the idea they can attack you,” Bloch stated. “I am disappointed this happened at a family campground where you think you’re safe.”

Bloch’s wife and daughter don’t feel safe flying any flags supporting President Donald Trump. Dean said the pro-Trump flag was “100%” the reason why the attack happened.

“They had ripped it off our camper, and the comments they made before about that,” Dean said. “We were attacked because of that. My dad didn’t provoke it. He didn’t try to argue with them.”

“Clearly, we can’t even feel safe flying a flag,” Dean added. However, he wants to show his support for the president.

“Nobody should be able to take your First Amendment Rights away. Freedom of speech to promote who you want to for president,” Bloch said. “You never know who’s camping with you. You hope everybody’s civil and decent, and we can have a discussion if people want to discuss it. I’m hoping those are the kind of people I run into from now on because I’m always willing to have a political discussion but when it comes to a throw-down, beat down; I would have hoped to have been 1-on-1 and not 3-on-1.

Author : Paul Sacca

Source : The Blaze : Man says he was beaten for flying ‘Trump 2020’ flag at campground