Man Punches Woman On Train In Front Of Children – Bystanders Film And Do Nothing


On Wednesday, a viral Tik-Tok video emerged of a man in New York City punching a woman in the face because she told him to take a “chill pill”.

This scumbag must have been high off his ass. He belongs in prison.

The man allegedly boarded the train already “tight off life”, according to the video’s creator and he was telling people to “get the f*ck out of him and his kids’ way”

When a woman told him he needs a chill pill, he snapped at her and told her to and to “say it again”.

When she said “chill pill”, this monster, twice her size punched her in the face right in front of his children.

He then went on to scream throughout the train saying,

I’m tired of you in my black business. You understand? Mind your business. Mind your business. It ain’t about being a role model. It’s about getting my f*cking respect from people like you and all these other races out here. Mind your business!

I’m ready to f*ck anything up that’s in my business!

Im a f*cking suspect! You understand? Sus-pect, I do sh*t out here.

Mind your business!

And when my family on the train move out the way!

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers shared the clip on Twitter saying “Calling the NYPD” and Todd Starnes replied,

Nobody intervened to stop this psychopath. Instead, they filmed it and watched in awe.

Last week, The Gateway Pundit reported that a woman was RAPED by an illegal immigrant on a train in Philadelphia and bystanders did nothing to stop it. It was reported that passengers even filmed the poor woman while getting raped by the disgusting savage.

Man Who Raped Woman on Train in Philadelphia as Bystanders ‘Filmed it’ is an Illegal Alien From Congo with Prior Sex Abuse Conviction

Author : Jordan Conradson

Source : The Gateway Pundit : WATCH: HORRIFYING – Man Punches Woman On Train In Front Of Children – Bystanders Film And DO NOTHING