Man Who Attacked Black Trump Supporter Arrested And Charged With Hate Crime


The San Francisco Police Department has arrested and charged a man with a hate crime in connection to an assault on a black rally organizer who was punched in the face and left bloodied.

“SFPD has made arrest in attack on rally organizer Philip Anderson this weekend. Coincidentally, same last name. 35-year-old Adora Anderson of Watsonville picked up in Oakland Sunday, charged with mayhem with hate crime enhancement,” tweeted ABC7 reporter Dan Noyes.

Philip Anderson, who organized the event, told police he was participating in the rally when he was punched in the face by an unknown person. The attack resulted in the loss of two of his teeth.

In a press release provided to the Washington Examiner, SFPD confirmed it booked Adora Anderson on charges of mayhem and hate crime enhancement.

SFPD said that although an arrest has been made, the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Philip Anderson provided supporters with updates on the rally and his condition throughout the weekend on the Team Save America Twitter account.

“Antifa attacked me for literally no reason,” he tweeted Saturday, later adding, “Take a good look, you knocked a black man’s teeth out.”

“The violence needs to end,” he tweeted. “It has nothing to do with Donald Trump or anyone else. It has to do with free speech.”

He also questioned Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s assertion that antifa is “just an idea.”

“Joe Biden, do you still think that Antifa is ‘just an idea’?” he tweeted, referring to Biden’s comments on antifa during the first presidential debate last month.

However, Anderson’s account has since been suspended by Twitter for violating the platform’s evasion policy.

Author : Michael Lee

Source : Washington Examiner : Man who attacked black Trump supporter arrested and charged with hate crime