Marjorie Taylor Greene: Fire Fauci And Ban Vaccine Mandate And Passport


In a double-barreled blast at the coronavirus crisis, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene today offered bills to ban COVID-19 vaccination mandates such as those called for in vaccine “passport” proposals and to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In her “Fire Fauci Act” and “We Will Not Comply Act,” the controversial representative took direct aim at the Biden administration’s support for a vaccination passport and promotion of near daily advice by Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“Americans deserve better than a self-promoting career bureaucrat like Fauci, who spent the last year getting it wrong almost all of the time,” Greene said.

The two packages, shared with Secrets, embrace the frustration many in the nation have to further government demands to lay low and fight the spread of the virus, especially in areas where the infection rate is declining.

They also come as new polls show that the nation is split on the passport. Rasmussen Reports today found that just 44% of likely voters believe requiring proof of a COVID vaccine shot is a good idea. Some 41% do not.

However, among those with the vaccine, 62% believe the passport is a good idea.

In the Republican lawmaker’s “We Will Not Comply” proposal, Greene would bar federal funding to any business or school that requires a vaccination or a mask.

She said that vaccinations can be discriminatory against those who choose not to receive them, including those who cite religious objections. It would also bar the State Department from requiring a vaccination to receive a diplomatic travel passport.

It would not, however, stop the government from requiring that foreigners coming into the U.S. have a vaccination. “Our bill seeks to provide a vaccination carve out for our citizens, not all persons traveling to the United States,” it said.

The “Fire Fauci” legislation would cut the doctor’s pay to zero until a replacement is approved. He currently is the top paid federal worker at $434,312.

The reasoning for his firing, said the package: “Dr. Anthony Fauci has continually failed to provide Americans with accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic and has shown distrust in the American private sector and American ingenuity.”

It would also require an audit of his office. “This allows us to see what Dr. Fauci knew, when he knew it, what the NIAID spent money on, and what policy the organization recommended surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak,” said a note to potential co-sponsors.

Greene was recently stripped of her committee memberships by the House Democratic majority, angry with her positions and statements. But the move did not block her from introducing legislation.

In tackling Fauci, she is giving voice to critics who believe his sometimes conflicting pronouncements go too far.

“Time and time again, Anthony Fauci has been wrong about what America should do in response to the China Virus. The consequences of his flawed recommendations have resulted in misery for millions of Americans — closed schools and churches, shuttered businesses, and destroyed lives,” Greene told Secrets.

She added, “Instead of ‘following the science’ and protecting our most vulnerable, Fauci chose to recommend, and actively promote in the American Fake News, a one size fits all government response that penalized those who aren’t at significant risk of the China Virus, but ultimately resulted in more power for government over the American people.”

Author : Paul Bedard

Source : Washington Examiner : Marjorie Taylor Greene: Fire Fauci and ban vaccine mandate and passport