Marvel Star Stands Up For Vaccine Choice


Evangeline Lilly is the star of Marvel’s Ant-Man movies. She posted a photo at the rally to protest forced vaccination and has been attacked on social media.

Lilly uploaded a picture to Instagram that showed her holding a sign reading “Vaxxed Democrat For Medical Freedom.” She also included a passionate explanation for why she was there.

It is strange to see the mob chanting “nobody should ever have to inject anything into their body against their will”. If Disney doesn’t fire her before the end of the day, it will be a miracle. They are sensitive to Twitter mobs demanding heads from anyone who expresses independent thought. They don’t care as much about people like James Gunn, who make disgusting jokes regarding raping children. Gunn is still employed by Disney. However, Gina Carano was fired from the Mandalorian for her conservative views. Despite being the most beloved character on the show.

It’s my expectation that Lilly will experience the same fate. Hollywood ensures their stars adhere to political views and if they don’t, it’s back to the D List. The Daily Beast is after Lilly’s head. They are digging through old social media posts to try to paint Lilly as a misinformer and calling her opinions “dangerous.”

However, this isn’t the first time Lilly publicly expressed her dangerous views about COVID. The actress, who was living with her father, who is also a cancer survivor, revealed that she refused to self-quarantine as the pandemic grew in the U.S. in March 2020. She said COVID-19 was like a “respiratory virus” and accused the government of overreaching similar to “Marshall Law.” She wrote, “There’s always something in every election year.”

A society that views opinions as “dangerous” is a dangerous one. This includes unscrupulous people who want everyone to ignore or deny that they are full of Shinola. For every bit of speech that you don’t like, there should be more speech. If someone is wrong, correct it. But don’t drag them around and ruin their livelihoods. Do not expect people to persuade others with more speech. This is the age for intimidation, fear, coercion.

Everyone knows what the future holds. Big Tech, Hollywood, and corporate media are threatening free speech. Are you ready to live in this world?