Maskless And Mostly Unvaccinated, FL Students Are More Likely To Die In Train Crashes Than From Covid


How many children has Ron DeathSantis murdered thanks to his monstrous refusal to mandate that fully vaccinated 12-year-olds wear masks or that entire classrooms shut down due to one student testing positive for COVID-19?

Well, we have some data.

Of the 2.7 million students enrolled in Florida’s public schools, a grand total of seven children under the age of 16 died from the coronavirus from the start of the pandemic through the end of the last school year. Even with the more transmissible delta variant, only 10 more have died from the virus since July.

All in all , Floridians under age 16 have a risk of one in nearly 160,000 of dying from COVID-19.

Scientists have long known that children are neither at significant risk of dying from the coronavirus nor are they significant vectors of transmission. Nonetheless, the Florida figure really puts into perspective the refusal on the part of some to unconditionally reopen classrooms. Even without a mask mandate or a vaccine for children younger than 12, Florida’s children are more likely to die from a train crash or from being struck by lightning than they are from COVID-19. Considering that children nationwide were 10 times more likely to die from suicide last year , Florida likely saved children’s lives by averting the additional stress upon children’s mental health caused by isolation and school shutdowns.

Despite the data proving that a student is more likely to die from a bee sting than from the coronavirus, teachers unions across the country have committed to keeping students out of classrooms. Unable to keep classes remote for a third school year, districts have written unreasonable quarantine rules as an effective workaround. In Washington, D.C., where coronavirus deaths were effectively eliminated even before Mayor Muriel Bowser reimposed an indoor mask mandate, hundreds of students get sent home for days at a time because of a single positive COVID-19 test.

The data does not justify these classroom restrictions. Every school should drop them immediately — no more quarantines, no more testing, and no more masks. Failing to return classrooms to normal is a failure to follow The

Author : Tiana Lowe

Source : Washington Examiner : Maskless and mostly unvaccinated, Florida students are more likely to die in train crashes than from COVID