Maybe Not Being Trump Isn’t A Sufficient Governing Strategy


Voters generally distrust President Joe Biden. Biden’s supporters are more depressed than they were during the lockdowns. More people disapprove of Biden’s presidency than ever before.

Why would this be?

Probably because Biden and much of the media convinced so many last year that Trump was the problem. Thus, they thought that with Trump gone, things would be fine.

Things are evidently not fine, and so Biden, although he hasn’t handled the economy or the pandemic particularly badly, looks like a failure because he’s getting the same or worse results as Trump on those scores.

Why distrust Biden? Well, for one thing, he lies. Most recently he peddled the lie about border patrolmen whipping illegal immigrants, even after that story had been debunked. He also makes ridiculous claims about the cost of his spending . He also apparently lied about the advice his generals had given him regarding Afghanistan .

For another thing, Biden isn’t keeping his promises

So far, 244,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 under President Biden, with more than 40,000 of those deaths in the last month alone. Mask mandates are back. Colleges are shutting down their classrooms. Depending on where you live, much of life has returned to abnormal.

Biden and his administration have made some missteps to exacerbate this — mostly not approving cheap, reliable COVID-19 tests — but largely what’s happening is that a very infectious virus was always going to be impossible to “shut down.” Biden had spoken as if he would eradicate coronavirus, which was never going to happen. He convinced people that coronavirus was only spreading because of Trump’s malfeasance or stupidity.

So maybe this is why some liberals are more depressed now than in spring 2020, when everything was closed and we were all being warned that the virus could get us if we didn’t wash our groceries.

What if, in 2020, you thought the virus could easily be handled by someone not Trump? Then you get your not Trump, and the virus isn’t handled.


Throw in Biden’s gross mismanagement of the border situation, a situation he made worse because his only guiding light was undoing Trump policies, and suddenly it seems that “just get rid of Trump” wasn’t a viable governing philosophy.

Trump was his own problem. He caused and exacerbated other problems. But he wasn’t the problem. And for some, this is an upsetting realization.

Author : Timothy P. Carney

Source : Washington Examiner : Maybe ‘not being Trump’ isn’t a sufficient governing strategy