McCarthy Could be the Next Speaker of the House


Kevin McCarthy will most likely be the next speaker of the House in 13 months. This is great news.

Many conservatives trust the current House minority leader, who lost his chance at the speakership. This was before Rep. Paul Ryan offered to take the difficult role. However, some Republican congressmen are trying to leverage their influence ahead of a possible speaker vote in January 2023.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is an outspoken freshman radical who suggested that over Thanksgiving the eight-term Californian does not have the votes necessary to win the gavel. Greene also suggests many absurd things.

Others have begun to quietly inquire about leadership positions.

If McCarthy is elected speaker, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (House Majority Leader) will undoubtedly remain second-in-command by becoming the House majority leader.

It’s not clear who Scalise would replace as House whip or who would serve as Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Tom Emmer is currently the NRCC chair. Because of his success, the Minnesotan should receive a prominent position if Republicans win control of Congress in the next midterms.

Rep. Elise Stefanik is currently the House conference chairwoman and has been pushing her way up in the chain in recent decades. She may be seeking the majority whip spot.

Alayna Treene, Axios’ correspondent, and Andrew Solender reported this week that McCarthy is the speakership at stake. “The big question is whether McCarthy can secure 218 votes from the floor. This is a task he has failed to accomplish in the past. McCarthy’s balance act is crucial here. He will face danger if a bloc of House Freedom Caucus conservatives or House moderates feels disenfranchised by his criticisms so far, and chooses to withhold their vote on the floor.

Last but not least, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Jim Acosta, the former chief White House reporter at CNN, recently called some Republican representatives members of the “freakshow caucus” and demanded that McCarthy uphold them.

McCarthy is not perfect but leadership has condemned the likes of Greene, Rep. Paul Gosar, and ex-Rep. Steve King.

Acosta is silent on Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She cowardly allowed the antisemitic “Hamas Squad”, as well many other hard-left critics and allies, to dominate major aspects of her party’s message for the past three years.

Jim, show some consistency. Although you’re an anchor right now, it is a failing outlet for partisans.