Merrick Garland Should Really Resign, But The Least He Can Do Is Recuse Himself


It is amazing to see what people can get paid to do nowadays.

In 2012, Xan Tanner founded a company the purpose of which was to produce and administer surveys of entire school districts.

Tanner’s company produces extremely expensive surveys (he charged $288,000 to administer three questionnaires to Arlington Public Schools over five years) for several of the nation’s largest school districts. The answers that students, staff, and families give are in turn used to provide justification for various school policies. This includes curriculum decisions involving the toxic, racialist ideology known as critical race theory. For example, students have been asked whether they see their “culture and history” represented in the school. If they say they do not, then this can become an argument for someone else to use in changing what is taught or how the school is run.

So, why does Tanner’s living matter? Because he is the son-in-law to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Garland recently issued an explosive memo in response to the National School Board Association’s demand that parents upset over critical race theory and other toxic trends in public education be treated as domestic terrorists. They had shown up and expressed themselves at school board meetings, at times becoming a bit rowdy, but more importantly, threatening the ability of malevolent administrators to work in secret.

Despite a lack of evidence of widespread or genuinely violent behavior, Garland acceded to the NSBA’s wishes by sending in the FBI to investigate parents who, for example, confronted the school board in Loudoun County, Virginia, over its cover-up of a rape allegedly committed by a “gender-fluid” student.

We don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Perhaps (we will even say probably) Tanner’s involvement in these surveys played no significant role in Garland’s decision to sic the FBI on outspoken parents. The former federal judge and Supreme Court nominee probably has enough other reasons, such as personal animus toward parents who reject critical race theory or far-left staffers in the Biden administration breathing down his neck.

And frankly, Garland’s memo is much more outrageous because of its disregard for basic constitutional rights and its weaponization of the Justice Department than it could ever be for his son-in-law’s tangential involvement in a shady, grifty career helping justify bad school decisions.

Even so, Tanner’s school board contracts are big money for little work. If angry parents ever succeed in throwing out the school board members who waste taxpayer money on such surveys, it will affect his bottom line.

So, on top of the much more serious issue of defiling justice and making himself a shameless political hack who uses the government to persecute President Joe Biden’s enemies, Garland inevitably finds himself conflicted. He should really resign his position just for writing that memo. But the least he can do is step aside and let other lackeys oversee the organized FBI persecution that he just called for.

Author : Washington Examiner

Source : Washington Examiner : Merrick Garland should really resign, but the least he can do is recuse himself