Minneapolis City Council Cuts Millions From Police Budget

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Minneapolis City Council acted early Thursday morning to cut millions from the city’s police budget, redirecting the funds to mental health and anti-violence programs.

Fox News reported the council cut $8 million from police. This move came just months after the council pledged to abolish the police department altogether.

According to Breitbart News, on June 12, 2020, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to abolish its police department. The pledge to abolish came on the heels of a pressure campaign spearheaded by Black Lives Matter activists and far-left Democrats to defund law enforcement in the wake of protests and riots over George Floyd’s May 25, 2020, death.

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender, who supported the pledge to abolish the police department in June, announced the council’s Thursday vote to adopt the budget that cut millions from police:

Ironically, in mid-September 2020, the Minneapolis City Council was asking, “Where are the police?” Bender went so far as to suggest police were intentionally not arresting people. She claimed, “This is not new, but it is very concerning in the current context.”

By mid-November, Breitbart News reported that officers were leaving the Minneapolis Police Department in droves, creating a situation so dire, city residents were warned 911 responses might cease

Author : AWR Hawkins

Source : Breitbart : Minneapolis City Council Cuts Millions from Police Budget