Misery Loves Company, Just Like the Lefts


There has been much gnashing of teeth after Elon Musk announced that he would soon own Twitter, and learning that Disney would be stripped of its special tax status made it even worst for lefts. Not to mention several states banning critical race theory in public education. parents organizing to demand accountability for their school boards, which has, in turn, led to tens of thousands of parents across the country running to fill those seats.

The past year has been terrible for Progressives. Things don’t seem like they are improving.

Biden is now the worst American President. Kamala Harris, THE FIRST WOMAN in COLOR, Vice president has destroyed any goodwill associated with her race status by being a total catastrophe in every way. America’s public schools are now woefully behind in education statistics and global politics is the most unstable in many decades.

Everything is terrible and it’s just getting worse. The progressive left created this misery for all of us, all by themselves.

They used the legal system and social media bias in mainstream media to subdue the 2020 election. The collective consciousness of 325 million Americans who believe something is wrong has created the chaos we see today.

Progressives got cocky after January 2020. They believed they could end all opposition forever. The Republican Party was destroyed until recently.

They and their Democrat overlords genuinely believed that they could permanently squash all opposition and end the Republican Party and conservatives forever. It is an astounding ignorance, given that this country is and pretty much always has been split right down the middle politically speaking. Politics are cyclical, which has been a saving grace of American governance. We are currently looking at what happens when one side believes the cycle is over.

No one likes that.

We advised them to not play Dr. Frankenstein in our economy, biology, and social discourse. They would hate the creature they created.

It was necessary to be able not to be insane. This absurd political litmus test that they use to force people who don’t agree with the alt-left progressive line into the “right-wing nuts camp” has only made conservatives out of perfectly fine liberals.

Twitter employees weep as they fear that Twitter users might engage in open and uncensored discourse.

If they are unhappy, it is their fault. But if you were able to learn real lessons, there may have been some way to find some middle ground. Unfortunately, you overplayed your hand.

It’s like your mom always warned you as a child, “don’t get too close to the stove (fire) or you’ll get burned”. The left has pushed conservatives too far acting like lunatics and we will fight back, just like we always have.