More Secret Transition Closets Found in Public Schools


Last year, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus was embroiled in controversy after it released a recording in which chorus members claimed: “We’ll transform your children We’re here for your children.” These lyrics were about how the Gay Men’s Chorus or homosexuals, in general, would convert narrow-minded, hateful bigots into “tolerance” while replacing their “ignoranceā€¯ with knowledge. Yes, it was. It was all there. Epoch Times revealed Friday that more trans closets were discovered in California public schools and other places.

In March, we explained that “The whole purpose of a trans closet at a school for minors is to allow students to hide their gender identity from their parents.” A boy might go to school in one outfit but then change into a girl’s clothes once he gets there. Then he returns to his original clothes and pretends to be a girl until he is ready to return to his parents. Parents may not be aware that their child is transgender, but teachers are actively helping to keep the secret from them.

California’s teacher said it in an open TikTok video.

Worse, this TikTok teacher is not an exception. Thomas Martin-Edwards is the founder of “Queer Teacher Fellowship”. He hasn’t been active on Twitter since early 2020. Martin-Edwards was identified in an Epoch Times article in which he is listed as a Spanish teacher at the Oakland Unified Schools District. A past or current assistant principal? Teachers who push transgender confusion upon our children are not on the margins. They are often in charge.

According to Epoch Times Martin-Edwards is also transgender. He posted videos of himself in class, showing off his stilettos. Why is it that so many teachers are eager to share their personal lives with minor students? Teachers want students to hide what they are doing from their parents. The founder of The Transition Closet Amare Roush explained that this was for students’ safety. “We provide a safe place for kids whose families aren’t accepting it because it’s known to help lower the suicide rate. We just want to give them a safe space to do it.

They’re going to do it anyway! Really? They would do it even if their teachers didn’t make it acceptable, heroic, and acceptable in the face of parental resistance and obstinacy. If they weren’t praised and celebrated for doing it? This is the exploitation of vulnerable children who want to be accepted, fit in, and be part of a larger community. They’ll do it because it’s trendy and fashionable.

Epoch Times reports that Marshall University, Penn State, and the University of California have all been operating trans closets for many years. There will be many more trans closets in the United States within six months. Imagine if teachers encouraged this instead of encouraging it. They would encourage boys to be men and girls to be women — decent, honorable, and decent women. Those days are now long gone.