MSM Edits AG Barr’s Interview To Make Protests Seem More Peaceful

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Leave Out Details On Rioting and Violence Taking Place

Some of the most colorful descriptions of the violence facing police officers at Lafayette Square were clumsily spliced out of the middle of Barr’s answers to questions.

Key details on violent riots near the White House were removed from the broadcast of an interview of Attorney General William Barr on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” Sunday. Anchor Margaret Brennan repeatedly described protests as “peaceful” and the clearing of protesters to set up a stronger perimeter as unnecessarily rushed, contentions Barr strongly denied.

Left out of the interview that aired on CBS on Sunday morning was Barr’s detailed accounting of much of the violent context of that perimeter expansion, including that “bricks and inflammable liquid” were being thrown at police in Lafayette Square near the White House as rioters “were trying to get entry” over the fences, the five dozen officers guarding Lafayette Square who were “lost” the night prior in the violence, and the individuals who at the time of their forced dispersal “wrestled with the police officers trying to tear their shields from them, in one case, struggling to get one of the police officer’s guns.”

Some of the most colorful descriptions of the violence facing police officers at Lafayette Square were clumsily spliced out of the middle of Barr’s answers to questions. The rather important detail about a protester trying to get a police officer’s guns was simply removed from the end of the interview. These remarks were edited out of an interview in which Barr said media mantras about Park Police facing peaceful protesters were lies.

“They were not peaceful protesters. And that’s one of the big lies that the- the media is- seems to be perpetuating at this point,” Barr said.

Also left out of the broadcast interview were Barr’s detailed comments on how to improve policing, ostensibly the biggest news issue in the country. Barr said that experience and research showed that “you can actually get more focused change and more real change by working in more collaboration with the police,” and that approaches taken in previous years “make the police pull back and actually lead to more death, more murders, more crime.”

“What’s happened in the past is that politicians can check the box by slapping a consent decree on the department. We’re not interested in gestures. We’re interested in getting real results and working with police chiefs and- and- and public safety directors and mayors who really do want to change the system,” Barr said.

The interview began with Brennan asking Barr about CBS’ claim that President Donald Trump ordered 10,000 active-duty military troops into the streets, based on a single, anonymous source.

“No, that’s completely false. That’s completely false,” Barr noted, repeatedly and explicitly. White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah took to Twitter to further deny the report. “This is FALSE. I was in the mtg. @realDonaldTrump very clearly directed DOD to surge the National Guard – not active duty- after nights of vandalism & arson in DC,” she wrote.

Strong majorities of Americans support using the National Guard and the military to quell violent riots, but the media are strongly opposed to the use of the military in such circumstances or even the discussion of their use.

More Faulty Reporting
Brennan reported that Defense Secretary Mark Esper “publicly said that he opposed using the Insurrection Act.” Barr said, “I don’t think the Secretary of Defense said he opposed it. I think he said that it was a last resort and he didn’t think it was necessary. I think we all agree that it’s a last resort, but it’s ultimately the president’s decision. The- the reporting is completely false on this.”

Brennan taped the interview earlier on Sunday morning before it aired. When it aired, she went to the commercial break with a brief announcement that contained still more false reporting:

BRENNAN: I want to make sure to note that CBS News stands by our David Martin’s reporting. And we want to clarify here that the Secretary of Defense Esper does oppose the Insurrection Act. You can hear for yourself.

MARK ESPER: I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act.

First off, CBS did not explain why it stood by reporting from a single anonymous source that was rebutted by at least two eyewitness accounts on the record.

Secondly, Brennan’s characterization of the Insurrection Act debate is completely muddled and left out Esper’s actual words. The debate wasn’t over whether the senior advisors support or oppose the law of the land but whether they thought it should be invoked at the particular moment. Barr carefully noted that he and Esper didn’t think it should be used except “as a last resort.”

The full quote from Esper said just that: “The option to use active duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort…”

Author: Mollie Hemingway

Source : The Federa List : CBS Deceptively Edits Barr Interview, Leaving Out Key Details On Violent Riots, Police Oversight