MTG Scores Spending Bill’s Waste, A Communist Manifesto


Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took her wrecking ball to the Biden-Pelosi $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” spending bill and $3.5 trillion budget to highlight the levels of waste and payoffs to the liberal “Squad’s” demands for green energy.

In a series of 19 tweets, Greene did something few have. She read the infrastructure spending and budget bills and pulled out parts she thought were outrageous.

Greene dubbed them a “Communist manifesto” and added, “The Infrastructure bill is not a real infrastructure bill.”

With trademark commentary, the conservative pro-Trumper found a line item for $50 million to clear weeds. “$50 Million for weeds. Surprisingly not marijuana,” she tweeted.

Of the smaller $1.2 trillion being pushed for the first vote by centrist Democrats, Greene said that most was for green new deal programs promoted by the liberal Squad led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Out of $1.2 trillion only $110 billion is for real infrastructure,” Greene wrote. “Remaining $1 trillion+ is ALL Green New Deal and woke spending projects appeasing AOC and the Squad’s temper tantrums for their communists revolution. No Republican should ever vote for this bill.”

She highlighted words such as “inclusion” and “equity” to show that the bills also are part of the liberal plan to force social changes they prefer.

And in pointing out the push for electric cars and trucks, she said that much of that spending would go to China, which makes batteries.

After raking the $1.2 trillion bill, she turned to the $3.5 trillion budget House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to pass first. “Let’s talk about the $3.5 trillion dollar budget. The Green New Deal. Communists Bernie Sanders and AOC’s dreams come true. And Nancy Pelosi delivers,” she wrote.

She warned of a potential rekindling of IRS bias against conservatives. “The ‘Budget’ will undoubtedly weaponize the IRS against Trump voters by adding 87,000 IRS agents by spending $80 billion of your hard earned tax dollars. They might as well hire Lois Lerner back. Audits for Republicans. Gotta pay for GND somehow,” she wrote.

The Twitter thread, and the time it took to produce it, might give Pelosi pause next time she pushes to take committee assignments away from members, as she did to Greene for comments the Republican made that liberals disliked.

Author : Paul Bedard

Source : Washington Examiner : MTG scores spending bill’s waste, a ‘Communist manifesto’